How to Create Dashboard in Dynatrace

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Hello Readers! In this blog we will see how to create a dashboard in Dynatrace. Before this we will see what Dynatrace is used for and how to do its setup and configurations. 

What is Dynatrace used for?

  1. Dynatrace is used for APM(Application Performance Monitoring). 
  2. It monitors applications during tests.
  3. It can monitor CPU, Response time and Database.
  4. Used for monitoring live and store sessions of tests.
  5. It supports cloud monitoring also.

Let’s get started!

So, For creating a dynatrace dashboard we must have a dynatrace account and its setup.

Creating a free Dynatrace Account

For this, Move to this link Getting started with Dynatrace is really easy. First 15 days are absolutely free. No credit card is required. We can get up and run in under 5 minutes. 

dynatrace account

So, Enter your email address and select Start free trial. It will ask for account details. Fill that and agree to the terms and conditions. And finally click on Create account.

Therefore, the first look is ready for us..You can find the UI looks like this.

dynatrace dashboard

Creating Dashboard in Dynatrace

We can start with an empty or new dashboard. Or if you want then you can clone an existing dashboard and you can start editing that one.

Firstly, we will see how to create an empty dashboard. Inside the menu bar Move to Dashboard and click on Create Dashboard.

Dynatrace dashboard

Enter Dashboard name and click on Create.

My dashboard1 is created now. This dashboard will open in editable mode. If you wish you can add tiles also you have to drag and drop the tiles to the dashboard. 


Select the settings tiles if you want to do more configurations. Choose done if you are done now. You can also share this dashboard with the people you want. You can give them the permissions according to them.

Now, You are all set up now for editing your dashboard. 

Editing the dashboard

For editing  a dashboard, In the Dynatrace menu, Move to Dashboards which you want to edit. Choose the Edit option in the dashboard. If you are not able to see an Edit option, it means that you are not authorized to edit that dashboard.

edit dashboard

You can also use the Tiles tab for changing the content of the dashboard. If you want to change the timeframe of the dashboard or management zone then you should use the settings.

Cloning the Dashboard

If you have only view permission for a dashboard then you are not allowed to make any changes. Also you are not able to share that dashboard with others. So, In this case you can clone the dashboard and now you can easily share the cloned dashboard with the people you want.

clone dashboard

For cloning, In the menu bar go to Dashboards. In the table of dashboards, select More (…) > Clone for the dashboard you want. Edit the cloned dashboard. All you have to do is work on the cloned repo. So, the original dashboard will be the same.

Deleting the Dashboard

However If you want to delete your dashboard, In the menu bar go to Dashboards. In the table of dashboards, select More (…) Now, Click on Delete for the dashboard you want. 

delete dashboard

If you don’t find any delete option then You don’t have the permission to delete the dashboard.

Confirm to delete the dashboard.

delete dashboard

You have now deleted your dashboard.

Congrats! 👏 We are successfully done now!


Thank you for sticking to the end. So, In this blog we have seen how easily we can create the dashboard in Dynatrace. How we can edit, delete the dashboard. Therefore If you like this blog, please do show your appreciation by giving thumbs ups and share this blog and give me suggestions on how I can improve my future posts to suit your needs.


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