How to Create Test case in Manual mode with Katalon Studio

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Katalon Studio is an easy and free automation tool that helps individuals to perform automation tasks. It comes with Record-playback feature and a Manual mode feature.

Katalon studio helps the individual with less programming skill to easily generate automation tests by supporting keyword-driven testing where test cases consist of keywords that represent actions of users on the AUT (Applications Under Test).

In this blog, we will look How to create test cases and automate the below scenario in manual mode.

  • Open browser
  • Navigate to URL
  • Perform Login
  • Close browser

Create a Test case

  • Firstly, Open Katalon studio and create a project.

Click here to download and set up Katalon studio over your system.

  • After creating a project, Right click over “Test case”, Click on “New” and choose Test case.
  • Enter the name of your Test case and click OK to successfully create a Test case.
  • Now go to “Add” dropdown box and select WebUI keyword as we are performing WebUI automation. Moreover you can select keyword according to your project requirement.
  • Select the “Open browser” keyword and press enter. This will open your browser.
  • Our next step is to open the URL. Again click on the “Add” dropdown box from command toolbar and select WebUI keyword.
  • Select the “Navigate to URL” and press enter. This will navigates to specified URL.
  • Now double click on the Input cell to provide additional parameters.
  • The input dialog box is displayed. Enter the URL into the value column and click OK.
  • Now add the “Click” keyword to perform click action.
  • In addition we need to provide Object to this keyword. Double click over the Object column, Select the required Object and Click OK. You can click here to find how to capture objects.
  • Similarly add the next WebUI “Set text” keyword to enter text. This will enter the username.
  • After that open input dialog box, Enter the text inside the value column and click OK.
  • Add the “Set encrypted text” keyword. This will enter the password.

Always add “set encrypted text” keyword to provide sensitive information like password, pin etc. as it coverts your original text into encrypted form and hides from the public.

  • After that open input dialog box, Enter the original information inside “Raw text” it will automatically convert into the encrypted form. Then click OK.
  • Now add the “Click” keyword to perform click action over submit button.
  • At last, add “Close browser” keyword to close the browser successfully.

Running your test case

  • After successfully creating your test case, Click on the “Run” button to execute your test case.
  • As a result after executing and performing your test case actions successfully, you can see the results of your test cases.


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