How to differentiate between Product Owner and Business Analyst Role?

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Roles of Product Owner and Business Analyst:

Product owner and the Business analyst are the two key players in requirements gathering from the stake holders and analysis process.

Role of a Product Owner:

Basic intent of a product owner is to represent the customer to the development team. The key responsibility of the product owner is to manage and give the visibility to the product backlog .

In fact the product owner is the only one that has the authority to change the priority of requirements in the product backlog. He works with the business stakeholders on product and provide business justification to the development team of why features are developed. As per the scrum guide the product owner is the person responsible for maximizing the value of the product.

The product owner’s job is to ensure the solution provides value to the customer and stays in line with the vision for the product.

What does a Product Owner do?

  • Defines the vision of the product and business strategy.
  • Maintains focus on the customer needs.
  • He manages the product backlog and clearly expressing product backlog items.
  • He/She is accountable for the return on investment for the Product.
  • Escalate the issues as and when needed.
  • Need to ensure the product backlog is visible and transparent to everyone in the team.
  • Evaluating the product progress at each iteration or sprint.

Role of a Business Analyst:

A business analyst facilitates the implementation of change by identifying business needs, analyzing information and finally recommending relevant solutions to the organization.

The business analyst is the person who is also responsible for aligning what the customer wants with what the team is producing. The business analyst works as a bridge between the business and the technical team.

What does a Business Analyst do?

  • Business analyst defines the project requirements.
  • Understands and defines the stakeholder’s needs.
  • Documenting the requirements into requirements specifications, user stories, use cases or various formats.
  • Facilitating the conversation between the business and the technical team.
  • He ensures that development team understands the requirements
  • He tests the requirements to cross check what has been defined has been produced.

Product Owner vs Business Analyst:

First Product owner identifies what needs to be done. Product owner deals in making business decisions to maximize the business results. She/he have the decision making authority.

Product owner need to involve in the strategic initiatives of the organizations.

Business Analyst’s work is with the development team and how the work needs to be done.

Business analysts are facilitators, investigators if they find gaps and perform traceability and impact analyses, who works closely with the product owners to determine the scope of the project.

And also business analysts establish the requirements and standards the project must meet.

Finally the product owner is more business and customer-oriented, while the Business Analyst is often more tactical and focused on the project. But given the training and skills of a typical Business analyst , they’re usually also qualified to undertake some of the tasks of the product owner.

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