How to get the git changelog in Jenkins

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Hello Readers! In this blog, we will see how we can get the changelog in Jenkins. So, basically, a changelog means a file that will contain the ordered list of changes made to a project. And when these changes will be for a git repository then it will be called git changelog. Here for getting git changelog in Jenkins, I will use a Jenkins plugin i.e git_changelog plugin.

Let’s see it!!!

Step 1: Install the Git changelog plugin in Jenkins.


Step 2: Create a Jenkins job. And we will use this plugin in this Jenkins job. I have added my sample GitHub project here.

create a job

Step 3: Inside Post-build actions choose git changelog.

post build actions

By parsing git it creates a changelog. It will create a file named CHANGELOG.html inside which all the changes of GitHub will present. You can also use your own template for this file or you can configure the template here also.

create file

If you want to print the git changelog on the job summary page then choose it from here only. 


Just save it and apply it. Now it’s time to see the result. 

Step 4: Let’s build the Jenkins job.

build job

And in the below lines of console output, you can see creating changelog CHANGELOG.html.

console output

So, this file is created in the workspace. We can view it from here.


Move to the workspace. These are the files inside my workspace.


Yes, my changelog is created successfully. Just open and see your logs and commits.

git changelog

Click the commit_id to see its details.


This is all about how we can simply use the git_changelog plugin in Jenkins to get git changelog. 

We are all done now!!


Thank you for sticking to the end. In this blog, we have learned how we can get the changelog in Jenkins. This is really very quick and simple. If you like this blog, please share my blog and show your appreciation by giving thumbs-ups, and don’t forget to give me suggestions on how I can improve my future blogs that can suit your needs.


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