How to handle web control UI using Cypress?

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Hello everyone. In this blog, we will know how to handle control UI using Cypress.What are web controls? Web controls UI are basically HTML elements wrapped. It is easy-to-use scripting tag of ASP+ and provides rich functionality in your FORMs or pages. It ranges from simple text boxes to advance girds and lists. Web control UI fall into five categories: display, input, selection, validation, and special purpose. Lets get a dive into How to handle web control UI using Cypress?

We can subdivide our topic into:

  • Firstly, how to verify and automate checkboxes?
  • Secondly, handling static dropdown
  • Finally, handling visible and invisible elements

How to verify and automate checkboxes?

There are some basic commands which are used to verify and automate checkboxes. Some of them are as follow

  • Click all the checkboxes
  • To click a checkbox with id
  • Command to click a checkbox with value ‘Real’
  • Click checkbox having class check with an option

cy.get(‘.chk’).check({force : true})

  • To uncheck all the checkboxes
  • Unclick a checkbox with id
  • To unclick a checkbox with value ‘Real’

cy.get(‘.chk’).uncheck(‘Real’, options)

Lets write a program to check and uncheck “show password” from gmail sign up page.

The output is:

How to handle static dropdown?

Similarly, below are few of the commands to handle static dropdown.

  • Firstly, command used to choose the option ‘Real’
  • After that, the command to select options ‘Real’ and ‘Unreal’
   cy.get('select').select(['Real', 'Unreal'])
  • Finally, command to choose multiple values with option
   cy.get('select').select(['option1', 'option2'], options)

Let us write a static dropdown program. Here we will select country with option ’99’.

Therefore, the output is:

How to handle visible and invisible elements?

Cypress can handle invisible elements. For handling hidden elements, Cypress takes the help of the jQuery method show. It uses command (invoke[‘show’]).

Let us write a program to find the hidden element from amazon webpage ‘sign in’

The output is


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