How to host WordPress on Google Cloud MarketPlace

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Hello Folks, In this article I’m going to show you How to host WordPress on Google Cloud MarketPlace in just a few steps. also, what is WordPress and what are the benefits to host it on Google Cloud future we’ll publish a blog on hosted WordPress. so let’s begin

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source, Content Management System(CMS) written in PHP and paired with a

MySQL or MariaDB database.

Now let’s see the steps required to host the WordPress on GCP.

Steps to host WordPress on GCP:

  • Sign in to the google console
  • create project
  • Click on Navigation Menu, select MarketPlace
  • Search: WordPress
  • Select WordPress Certified with Bitnami and Automatic
  • Name your WordPress instance
  • leave the settings default and click deploy

Google Cloud MarketPlace:

It will allow you to quickly deploy functional software packages that run on google cloud.

tada, it’s deployed the WordPress on VM and we’ve got the user name and password.

Now click on Admin URL and provide the credentials.

  • click Posts
  • new Post
  • Type a title and text
  • Click publish
  • View Post

You’ve just published the blog on your hosted WordPress.

Now going back to the console, you can see the IP which we’ve used to log in will keep changing every time I restart my virtual machine because we know that external IPs are ephemeral.

Change Ephemeral to Static IP:

  • click Navigation Menu, click VPC
  • select External IP Addresses
  • Click Type, select static and name it

It won’t change now even after I restart my virtual machine but after that, you still have to link DNS.

Alright, WordPress is accessed by IP but it can only access by the IP address so you have to map the domain name. it’s an important step because if somebody has to access your website he’ll prefer the domain name rather than the IP address.

you can register for a new domain name if you don’t have one and link to your WordPress website.

and next, you have to set up an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, it’s a digital certificate that provides

authentication for a website and enables encrypted connections.

Benefits of Hosting WordPress on GCP


Businesses such as big e-commerce stores, and news sites will have an optimal server uptime. due to that server won’t up and running always so that can be a lot of financial damage, but the google cloud engine is available for more than 99.9% so companies can be assured that won’t have this problem.

Simple to Deploy:

As we’ve seen you just have to follow simple steps, it also gives you complete liberty to make changes to any of your files. with GCP hosting you’ll get high performance constantly no matter how much traffic you receive.


However, Google Cloud Engine uses the same infrastructure as other Google apps like Gmail and YouTube are using so Which means your website is hosted on the most maintained hardware which is control by Google.

So you can be assured that would not be downtime for your website


Google Cloud Engines are highly scalable and can handle unexpected traffic with ease.

it will scale the server up in order to match the incoming traffic. with gcp, you can also upgrade and downgrade a server-side without changing the IP Address.


Therefore, you’ve learned how you can host WordPress on Google Cloud and what are the benefits of using google provides, and how easy that is, you just have to click launch and that’s ready to use.

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