How to improve your testing skills.

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Software testing is not a easy task.but some people take it otherwise But Software testing is not a job, it’s a responsibility  either we are doing Manual testing or Automation testing , Tester is an authorized person for the Quality of particular project or product.

We should keep these point in our mind to make our testing effective like…

  • You find something bad before someone else finds out
  • You see something critical before someone else thinks about it
  • You report something extraordinarily before someone else has chance to do it
  • You co-relate past experiences, learning, same work experience with current task and generate a fabulous output

And We can also include Three C’s

1.Critical Thinking

when it comes to building a deep-enough understanding of the product to focus on the right testing and assign appropriate priorities to defects.


It takes creativity to figure out how to test a feature, what is the right data to use, how many different paths do you need to traverse to cover all the scenarios


How to convey an issue clearly and concisely, in a constructive tone but one that also denotes the severity of the problem.

Software testing is challenging because you have to keep up yourself updated with latest knowledge as well as you have to continuously provide more qualitative inputs to make product better

Some practical tips should keep in mind

1.Learn something new from each day

2. Think about testing in everything around you

3.Include Reading in your life

4.Learn management

5.Prepare Note

6.Make vision

7.Encourage Clarity

8. Test Frequently

These skill Grow with constant practice but will surely take out the best from you .it takes planning and preparation to run a good testing phase.

Finally,Try to be dedicated tester because its works best and avoid politics

May be my these points help you people to make your testing strategy perfect and after all I think everyone of us is doing it as part of our work and try to be an exploratory tester and you will be able to fit in all the other categories..

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Joseph Ross is a Principal Consultant at Knoldus Inc. having more than 10 years of experience. Joseph has a passion for identifying challenges and give impactful solutions to the clients. He is a football fan and loves to watch TV series. Joseph has a cross-functional business operations and technology consulting experience. Joseph is familiar with programming languages such as Scala, C++, Java, CSS and HTML.

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