How to Install Concourse CI in Multiple ways

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Setup a Concourse CI Server on Ubuntu 16

Hello Readers….In this blog we are going to learn how to install Concourse CI. Concourse is an open source CI / CD system with approximately 100 integrations and external resource types.

So; before we begin talking about how to install concourse ci on ubuntu. Let’s briefly understand – What is Concourse CI


Concourse is an open source CI / CD system with approximately 100 integrations and external resource types.

Concourse reduces the risk of switching to and from Concourse by promoting the practice of separating projects from CI details and keeping all configurations in declarative files that can be checked into version control.

In this blog we will install Concourse CI. And It also covers frequently asked questions about installing Concourse CI.

Concourse component :

ATC is a key component of the concourse. Responsible for running the web user interface and API. It also handles all pipeline planning.

TSA is a custom SSH server. You are responsible for safely registering your workers with ATC.

Workers also operate two different services.

Garden is a container runtime, an interface for remotely orchestrating containers on workers.

Baggageclaim is a cache and artifact management server.

Fly is a command line interface used to interact with ATC to configure a concourse pipeline.

Requirements in advance:

To successfully install Concourse CI in your system you need to install the following things:

  • Install Docker.
  • Install Docker Compose (if not included in the Docker Installation).

Step 1 – Deploy Concourse using Docker :

docker-compose up -d

You may experience the following issues with Windows amd:

Follow the prescribed procedure to resolve the issue.

Right-click on the Docker instance> Settings> Daemons> Advanced> Experimental: true> Restart Docker> Switch to the Linux container and restart Docker.

Step 2 – Test Setup :

1) You then need to open in your browser:

Concourse Welcome Page

2) To download the fly CLI, click on the operating system you are using.

3) Then, copy fly binary into your path ($PATH), such as /usr/local/bin or ~/bin. Make sure to make it executable. For instance:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
sudo mv ~/Downloads/fly /usr/local/bin
sudo chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/fly

Step 3 – Target Concourse :

You need to provide a destination API for each flight request to get the same result every time :

1) Replace tutorial with a name of your choice:

fly --target tutorial login --concourse-url -u admin -p admin
fly --target tutorial sync

2) You can then see the saved target Concourse API in a local file:

cat ~/.flyrc

3) Then you’ll see a YAML file with the API, credentials etc:

    team: main
      type: Bearer
      value: eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJjc3JmIjoiYjE3ZDgxZmMwMWIxNDE1Mjk2OWIyZDc4NWViZmVjM2EzM2IyY2MxYWZjZjU3Njc1ZWYwYzY0MTM3MWMzNzI3OSIsImV4cCI6MTUyMjcwMjUwMCwiaXNBZG1pbiI6dHJ1ZSwidGVhbU5hbWUiOiJtYWluIn0.JNutBGQJMKyFzow5eQOTXAw3tOeM8wmDGMtZ-GCsAVoB7D1WHv-nHIb3Rf1zWw166FuCrFqyLYnMroTlQHyPQUTJFDTiMEGnc5AY8wjPjgpwjsjyJ465ZX-70v1J4CWcTHjRGrB1XCfSs652s8GJQlDf0x2hi5K0xxvAxsb0svv6MRs8aw1ZPumguFOUmj-rBlum5k8vnV-2SW6LjYJAnRwoj8VmcGLfFJ5PXGHeunSlMdMNBgHEQgmMKf7bFBPKtRuEAglZWBSw9ryBopej7Sr3VHPZEck37CPLDfwqfKErXy_KhBA_ntmZ87H1v3fakyBSzxaTDjbpuOFZ9yDkGA

The fly command targets this Concourse API using the FlyTarget tutorial. This is much less harmful from reusing commands from shell history.

Destroy Concourse :

Once you’re done with the local Concourse deployed with the help of docker-compose up, you can use docker-compose down to destroy it.

docker-compose down

Frequently Asked Questions About Installing Concourse CI :

1) What’s the fastest way to get started with Concourse?

Once you have Docker installed, you can use the following commands to perform a quick start approach to using Concourse on your local computer.

wget && docker-compose up -d

This will get the latest version of Concourse and run it on your local computer. The concourse is running on the local host: 8080. You can log in with your username / password as a test / test.


Hope this blog will help you out. Here is way to install Concourse CI successfully.

Happy Learning

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