How to Launch your first OpenStack Instance

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Hello Readers! In this blog we will see how to launch your first OpenStack instance. As you all know that OpenStack is a free open source cloud computing platform. Therefore Users can use this cloud for creating the virtual servers and they can utilize the resources available here in OpenStack.


For launching your first OpenStack instance you must have installed OpenStack in your system. Refer the following blog for the setup of OpenStack:

I have successfully installed my OpenStack you can see below:


Therefore this is my OpenStack as you can see.

So, Let’s get started!

Step1: The first step is to login to your dashboard with your username and password. Initially I don’t have any instances as you can see in my dashboard.

openstack dashboard

Step2: In the side navigation bar Select images. Click on launch Instances.

openstack dashboard

Step3: Then a form for launching the instance will open and here we have to fill a number of options. Here you have to fill the name you want to give for your instance, description. Select the number of instances you want to launch. Click Next.

launch instance

Step4: Now you have to choose a source for creating the instance. You can use an image, a snapshot of an instance (image snapshot), a volume or a volume snapshot (if enabled). You can also choose to use persistent storage by creating a new volume. Choose an image according to you.

launch instance

Step5: We will choose the type of instance we want. For instance we have m1.nano, m1.micro, m1.small etc. I will select m1.nano. Here is the list of types that you can choose.


Step6: Select the type of network you want for your instance.So, I will choose the public here.

choose networks

Step7: Select the security groups to launch the instance in. I will go with the default one.

select sg

Step8: A key pair allows you to SSH into your newly created instance. You may select an existing key pair, import a key pair, or generate a new key pair. So, I have created a new key pair for myself. 

key pair

I will choose this key for my instance.

key pair

Step9: Click on Launch instance.

You can see that my instance is launching.So, It will take some time to come to the running state.


Therefore it’s in running state now.


If you want to delete your instance then select that name of the instance you want to delete. Now click on Delete instance.


Congrats! 👏 We are successfully done now!


Thank you for sticking to the end. So, In this blog we have seen how easily we can launch our first openstack instance.If you like this blog, please do show your appreciation by giving thumbs ups and share this blog and give me suggestions on how I can improve my future posts to suit your needs.


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