How to Run Migration Utility for MyWebmethodServer (MWS)

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My webmethods Server (MWS) is an important part of the webmethods suite, it is used for providing –

  • A web container that will host custom Web, BPM applications, etc.
  • The user interfaces for administration and monitoring of most of the webmethods suite.
  • Task engine which administers human workflow potential to the Business Process Management Suite

It is mainly used for monitoring the below products-

  • Trading Network
  • Task Engine
  • Process Engine
  • Rule Engine
  • Broker, etc

It provides the UI framework for the complete suite, which lets customers develop and deploy Web, portlet, and Business Process Management applications. Moreover, it also behaves as the central point for administering products.

Migrate MWS from 9.12 to 10.11

When you want to migrate the whole MWS from a lower version to a higher one, the best approach is to use the migration utility and migrate it.

So, the steps that you need to follow are as below for this-

  1. Create the zip of the old product.

However to create the zip, login to the older server and go to the directory- old_Software_AG_Directory/MWS/bin/migrate

Now run this shell script – ZIP-mws.{bat|sh}

Once this is completed you will have a created.

2. Migrate Database components

You need to migrate the Db components one by one the basic command for the same is –

./ –action migrate –DBMS oracle –component TradingNetworks –version latest –URL “db_url” –user <<username>> –password <<password>>

To avoid facing errors please make sure you pass the DB URL in ” ” for Linux. 

After this command executes, you will see the message-



Once the migration is completed, you can log in to your MWS URL and see that the configuration of the previous version is present. You can even see that the directory service and Trading Networks details are also there. Which includes partner details like public queues, Administration, profiles, etc.


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