How To Run Test With Taurus And BlazeMeter

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Hope you are doing well !! In this blog, we will learn about how we can create a Taurus Test with BlazeMeter

  • Taurus is an open-source test automation tool which helps us for load and also functional testing
  • It provides a unified, simplified way to configure and run automated performance tests, then present the results in the most effective form
  • It can consume configuration files written in JSON or YAML languages that are human-readable and simple to use

Create a New Taurus Test in BlazeMeter :

1) Login into BlazeMeter

2) In the main menu, click the Performance tab

3) Click Create Test

4) Click Performance Test

5) Click to upload YAML/JSON Script and any additional test files or drag the files over the Upload Script box

6) We will see the YAML/JSON code of the file that we uploaded

7) Provide the Test name and Run the Test

8) After running the test we are getting Test Summary on the Summary Tab with details like Users, Errors, Throughput, Response Time, etc

9) We can also see the Timeline Report, Request Stats, Errors, Logs, etc from the BlazeMeter

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