how to set up argo cd in ubuntu

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Hello folks , You all must have heard about argo cd and to get the basic idea what the argo cd is you may check this out . So, In this blog we will see how you can set up argo cd on ubuntu .

so to work with it , you need to install it by following the below instructions:

click here and then download the binaries for windows and ubunhu

After it i’m gonna copy the link address :

$ wget -O argocd

$ which argocd

so as beginner you can check help by :

$ argocd help

so list of available commands you’ve got to deals with account , app, cert , cluster and much more..

Now let’s take a look at the argocd cluster

$ argocd cluster list

so what you see here is an error because we need to authenticate , we need to login to the argo series server before we can run any commands.

let’s see how to login to the argocd server:

$ kubectl get nodes -o wide

so i’m using k3d cluster and if you’re not familiar with it you can check this k3d cluster.

alright to login to argocd:

$ argocd login

Before this we need to deploy all the components in argocd namespace

$ kubectl create namespace argocd

$ kubectl apply -n argocd -f

The above command is deploy all the required resources which you can see alot of resources, get deployed :

$ kubectl -n argocd get all

so before it in order to use argo cd web UI service/argocd-server is responsible for that but by feault it’s exposed as ClusterIP which isn’t accessable outside the cluster so what i’m gonna do is change this to NodePort .

$ kubectl -n argocd edit svc argocd-server

so go to all the way to the bottom and change ClusterIP to NodePort and save that

Similarly you can now verify it by above commans:

$ kubectl -n argocd get all

so to login to argocd which requires the username is admin and password which is the name of the argocd server which you can see in above image like argocd-server-85ddddc785-n727g

$ kubectl -n argocd get all

$ argocd login <k3d-node-ip>:<serverport>

NOTE: serverport is the port which is along with 443 of the service ,argocd-server .

Another way we can access the web ui by using minikube for that so what we can do install and start the minikube cluster:

$ minikube start

so in order to do with minikube you need to deploy requires resources like we did for k3d cluster.

After it

$ kubectl port-forward svc/argocd-server -n argocd 8080:443

for more details and if you’re facing the difficulty in login argocd so you can refer to this.


In this blog we have seen how to setup argo cd in your ubuntu and how to get started with it. We have also seen by using minikube also . Thanks for being with me till the end. If you find this blog helpful do share with your friends.

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