How to setup AWS FSx for Windows File Server

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Hello Readers!! In this blog, we will see how to set up AWS FSx for the windows file server. AWS FSx for Windows file server is an Amazon fully managed native Windows file system service. It can also be integrated with the rest of Amazon’s services. Therefore It is fully managed which means we no longer need to manage hardware and software.

Some of its benefits are:

  • It is very simple and fully managed.
  • It delivers fast and consistent performance.
  • It is highly available and durable.
  • Have to pay only for the resources that we consume.
  • It is use for high security. It encrypts the data.
  • It can be integrated with other AWS services if needed.

Steps to setup FSx for Windows File Server:

Step 1: Open AWS Management Console and search for FSx. Click on Create file system.


Select file system type. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides simple, fully managed, highly reliable file storage that’s accessible over the industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

FS type

Step 2: Give here the file system name.

file system name

So, Select here the deployment type. Two deployment types are Multi-AZ for deploying a file system in multiple availability zones and Single-AZ for deploying it in an availability zone.


Step 3: Select here the storage type and its capacity. The minimum limit of storage is 32 GiB and the maximum limit is 65536 GiB.


Step 4: Choose throughput capacity. Throughput capacity is use for determining the speed at which a file system can serve data. We can specify here our own throughput capacity.

throughput capacity

Step 5: Choose here network and security groups in which your file system will be accessible.


Step 6: FSx for windows file server provides active directory integration. Here we can use AWS managed Microsoft active directory as well as if self-managed Microsoft active directory. I have also created an active directory for this.


Step 7: If you want to encrypt the file system choose this.


Select auditing for log access to files and folders. Once it is enabled, windows generate audit logs for files and folders on which you have enabled audit controls.


Step 8: Give here custom DNS names that you want to associate with the file system. This is optional.


Step 9: Configure backup and maintenance here like daily automatic backup, and daily automatic backup window. Give here an automatic backup retention period. Select a weekly maintenance window according to the requirement. This is also optional according to your need.  


Give here tags.


Now click on Next. Review all your configurations. So, Here you will find a list of editable attributes after creation.

file system

And finally, click on Create file systems. Its status is creating.

createing FSx

So, It will take some time around 20 min to create.

We are all done now!!


Thank you for sticking to the end. In this blog, we have learned how to set up AWS FSx for windows file servers. This is really very quick and simple. So, If you like this blog, please share my blog and show your appreciation by giving thumbs-ups, and don’t forget to give me suggestions on how I can improve my future blogs that can suit your needs.


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