How to Setup EB CLI

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Hello Readers! In this blog we will see how to set up EB CLI so that we can start using it through our command line interface. Firstly let’s see in short why we use EB? So, AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an easy-to-use service for deploying and scaling web applications. You can simply upload your code and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health monitoring. 

What is EB CLI:

The EB CLI is a command line interface for AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It provides interactive commands that simplify creating, updating and monitoring environments from a local repository. Now, lets see its installation:

First Method:

Therefore for installing EB CLI we must have python installed in our system. So, check it first

We should also have pip installed. So, let’s check it if it is installed or not

So, once you have python and pip installed on your distribution then after that by running one single command you can install EB CLI. The command is:

Now it’s done so easily and you can recheck it by:

So, this was a very quick method of installing EB CLI but its not advisable. According to AWS Documentation we should install it using scripts. Let’s see the preferred method of installing it.

Second Method:

For using this method you should have git installed on your system. 

Here, you don’t need to have python and pip installed. Everything will be installed by setup script. Your first step is to clone this repository:

You will see here the bundled_installer. Now, only you have to run this installer and it will install everything for you.

This will take some time to complete. And this will install python and EB CLI everything and this EB CLI will be installed as part of your virtual environment. 

In step 5 in the output of this command you will find some instruction for executing this command for completing the installation:

According to your shell you have to run this command. I have here done for Zsh by running:

And after that the last command is:

We have now successfully installed the EB Command line interface. We can check it through:

You are now fully ready to play with its cli and you can find here the list of commands which you can play with:


In this blog we have seen how to install and set up EB CLI, the command line interface to manage AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments. Now use the EB CLI as part of your everyday development and testing cycle as an alternative to the Elastic Beanstalk console. Thanks for being with me till the end. If you find this blog helpful do share with your friends.


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Naincy Kumari is a DevOps Consultant at Knoldus Inc. She is always ready to learn new technologies and tools. She loves painting and dancing.

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