How to Start Working with Elementor in WordPress

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In this blog, we will be learning how we can start working with Elementor and create beautiful landing pages and websites of your own even if you are a very beginner to Elementor.

Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin that is used by millions of sites to design ultimate Landing Pages by visual, drag, and drop editor.

To help you start working with the Elementor page builder plugin we have created this introduction blog that will cover all the things you need to know about Elementor and will help you create beautiful WordPress sites.

Table of Contents

  • What is Elementor?
  • Installing Elementor Website Builder Plugin?
  • How does Elementor Work?
  • How to use Elementor in WordPress?
  • Designing Your Page structure Manually?
  • Customizing Elementor Widget

What is Elementor?

Elementor page builder is a WordPress plugin that let you design beautiful and interactive websites without the hassle of editing any code. Elementor is a free WordPress drag-and-drop editor that helps you create websites in the quickest and easiest way.

For editing simple blog posts default WordPress editor is fine to use, but it doesn’t offer a variety of design options and to see your design you are dependent on the preview option, without it you will not be able to see what you design.

Elementor solves this by providing you a visual builder with full drag-and-drop design flexibility and no CSS and HTML knowledge is required to make your designs.

Secondly, it offers a wide variety of design options and dozens of in-built content widgets for everything like buttons, forms, carousels, tables, and many more


Installing Elementor Website Builder Plugin?

Step 1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard and search for the plugin menu and click on add new option.



Step 2. After that, in the search bar, search for Elementor

Search>>” Elementor”


Step 3. Then, click on the Elementor Website Builder plugin


Step 4. Finally, click on Install and Activate


How to use Elmentor in WordPress?

Step 1. Create a new page or post


Step 2. Click the Edit with Elementor button and start editing your page/post.


How does Elementor Work?

Elementor allows you to drag-and-drop pre-built widgets that are already responsive i.e. it automatically looks great on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile without making any extra effort, and without relying on a developer you can design beautiful websites.

Moreover, Instead of using the default WordPress editor where you have the hassle of switching between the editor and preview mode to see your designs, Elementor provides you a live front-end editor where you can design and see at the same time. As a result, you get the idea of how it will look and feel to your user.

With Elementor, beautiful and functional designs can be created without needing to know HTML and CSS and without relying on developers for any help. The User-Interface is so user-friendly that even a beginner can easily design beautiful and interactive Landing pages.

Designing Your Page Structure Manually

To manually design your page structure follow the below steps :

Step 1. Select the Structure of your section by clicking on the plus (+) button


Step2. After that, Drag-and-Drop the widget of your need from the left sidebar


Step 3. Finally, start Customizing the widget from the left sidebar


Customizing Elementor Widget

To customize the Elementor widget according to your need, select the widget and start editing it through the left sidebar containing three options Content, Style, and Advanced


The layout option is responsible for the overall structure of the widget, like for the Heading widget what will be the text, its alignment, tag, etc. It basically handles the layout (HTML) part of a page



The style option adds styling to the widget, In the case of Heading widgets like text-color, font-size, line-height, etc. It is responsible for maintaining the CSS part of a page.



The advanced option is used to add extra properties and attributes to the widget like Margin, Padding, Animations, etc. This option helps in adding custom CSS to the widget that extends the power of Elementor in designing beautiful and functional Websites.



So, in this blog, we learned how to start working with Elementor in WordPress, how Elementor basically works, the benefits of using Elementor, etc. Now you can start working with Elementor and can create beautiful and interactive landing pages of your own.

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