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How to set up Azure internal load balancer?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction The Internal load balancer manages load for a private network with any inbound access from the public platform. As in the diagram below, the primary load balancer managing load from the internet is a public-type load balancer. But, the VMs communication to storage or database is managed through a type-internal load balancer. Internal Load Balancer Setup Let us see our setup which we will Continue Reading

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How to use Kiali with Istio to apply service mesh rules ?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Introduction This blog is development to the previous blog “Istio and Kubernetes Relationship”. That blog was about Service Mesh and Use of Istio with Kubernetes. In last part where we were able to monitor the flow of traffic using Kiali and Istio on the Kubernetes Cluster. Now we apply every feature of service mesh as defined in the blog “A quick guide to service mesh” Continue Reading