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They say that you have to be a fool to be an entrepreneur. We literally followed that saying to the core when we started the Inphina exactly one year back i.e. April 1′ 2010. From new kids on the block to seasoned strategic consultants, it has been quite a year.

We developed one of the most complex applications for a huge credit advisory in the US to do real-time alert processing and fraud detection using the power of complex event processing and grid computing. We helped 3 organizations to define their cloud strategy and move to the public cloud. We defined and executed the roadmap to move a highly successful timesheet and invoicing on-premise application to the Google App Engine, which eventually became a case study at various conferences. We also helped a large chain of restaurants in the UK to move their entire business to Google Apps and Google App Engine. We became the first company in India to offer CSD training with our partner for organizations and individuals who would like to improve their engineering practices and reap the full benefits of Scrum. We also became the first company in Delhi along with our partner to conduct one of the most talked about CSM and CSPO trainings. We helped a startup in the silicon valley to get their first round of VC funding by rapidly developing a high quality social network based marketing and analysis tool. Our enterprise monitoring product nearly won the top honors at the VC one-on-one. Our blogs are attracting more than 8K unique visitors per month. Phew! That does sound like a lot for year 1 ! I guess it is and probably that is the reason that during our first year itself we have been approached by two companies to buy stake in Inphina. Fortunately or unfortunately the deals did not work out but it left us flattered that our efforts are being recognized so quickly and the stake discussion made us a lot wiser (or at least we feel so 😉 So, have we been killing ourselves to get here. Do you think there is another way? Ha ha kidding! Actually no! Our Agile practices and belief in quality with sound engineering hasn’t made the journey hard, at least uptil now. And we strive to work harder and are keeping our fingers crossed for the future.

So where do we go from here? We are already in discussion with one of the most geeky companies of the world to help them with their expansion plans in India. We are looking out for a new office space where we can expand our operations. We are lucky to have a solid team of Inphiners and are on the look out for more passionate people to join us (perks include 24/7 wii and playstation access, cool gadgets to impress your girlfiends, knowledge exchange iBAT evenings, guaranteed airtime at leading conferences with the kind of work that we do, best in class coffee machine and a refrigerator stacked with beer 😉

Our sincere thanks to our partners ( we have no clients) for helping us achieve what we have in the first year. Without your help I doubt if even a fraction of that was possible. We promise to stand by our commitments and would strive hard to ensure that the satisfaction level in our engagements is always north bound. Our sincere thanks to our families for supporting us through the thick and thin and of course our office manager RD who makes sure that the coffee is warm, the snack shelf is well loaded and the beer is chilled!

– The Inphina Team

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Vikas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Knoldus Inc. Knoldus does niche Reactive and Big Data product development on Scala, Spark, and Functional Java. Knoldus has a strong focus on software craftsmanship which ensures high-quality software development. It partners with the best in the industry like Lightbend (Scala Ecosystem), Databricks (Spark Ecosystem), Confluent (Kafka) and Datastax (Cassandra). Vikas has been working in the cutting edge tech industry for 20+ years. He was an ardent fan of Java with multiple high load enterprise systems to boast of till he met Scala. His current passions include utilizing the power of Scala, Akka and Play to make Reactive and Big Data systems for niche startups and enterprises who would like to change the way software is developed. To know more, send a mail to or visit