Integrating sending mail functionality with LogBack in Scala

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Few days ago, I had the requirement that whenever there will be an exception in the application, we should get an email for this. Earlier, I was just logging the error log using LogBack :

To do this, there are 2 ways :
1. Use the email sending code at every place wherever i have used logger.error.
2. Use the SMTPAppender of logback which sends email by itself whenever logger.error will be called.

So I tried with 2nd solution.

SMTPAppender :
We have to provide following settings for this in logback.xml :

There is one important thing to be remember, email would work only for logger.error(). Other than this ,it would not be work
If you want to append one more logger then do as follows :

Code for this sample is present on the Knoldus Github
For more details, click here

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    The SMTPAppender accumulates logging events in one or more fixed-size buffers and sends the contents of the appropriate buffer in an email after a user-specified event occurs. SMTP email transmission (sending) is performed asynchronously. By default, the email transmission is triggered by a logging event of level ERROR. Moreover, by default, a single buffer is used for all events.

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