IOT Fleet Management at Scale

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The Internet Of Things (IoT) continues to expand its reach into homes, businesses, and other environments, as more and more devices are connected with the purpose of gathering and sharing data (and maybe a bit of computing on the device’s end).

From the business perspective, unfortunately, with plethora of devices being added to the grid every other week the current device management and deployment landscape is still immature. For businesses to thrive, they need to be able to manage and deploy their code to the devices with the littlest amount of efforts all the while making sure that they have the flexibility intact.

Challenges that Businesses Face

IoT device management is difficult and is vital for any true to type IoT business model to succeed. Let’s go through two of the many challenges faced by many organisations when managing their fleet.

  • Challenge #1: Close Knit Solution Stack.
  • Challenge #2: No Proper Monitoring and Alerting Solution.
  • Challenge #3: The ability to Pick how the code will be deployed and run on the device.
  • Challenge #4: Ability to choose from a range of device architecture types

Proposed Solution: Fleet

With Fleet, we aim at providing businesses the flexibility with a loosely coupled system to manage their fleet of device and deploy code to them seamlessly.

Fleet Components

  • FleetOS:
    • Custom Linux OS based on Ubuntu (Other Flavours in Dev) that comes with a monitoring agent pre-installed along with a one-time VPN provisioning script that will register the device with the VPN server. We guarantee at most 1 minute downtime in case of network disturbance.
  • FleetVPN:
    • VPNServer API providing device management options to add/remove the device to the VPN backbone.
  • FleetMonitoring:
    • Real-Time Device Monitoring with configurable metrics and Dashboards.
  • Builders & Deployment Solution:
    • We are currently in the process of enabling support for multiple device architecture types
  • Containerized or Systemd? You pick! We provide!
  • Support for various Deployment Strategy*


1000 feet above

1000 feet above

VPN Registration and Health Test

VPN Registration and Health Test


System Monitoring Overview

System Overview

Device Specific View

Device Specific View

Auto-Device Provisioning at Bootup(Happens only once)

VPN Server

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