IoT with the AI: Why do we need this?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the next level technologies and these are getting more popular in the present time. AI makes the machine to learn from its experiences and manage with new data. AI is not a new technology but due to heavy use of big data, it is now gaining again. Similarly, IoT is the combination of more than one devices or sensors together over the internet. IoT is also running as a popular technology in nowadays.

In the present time, there are a lot of devices and sensors which are interconnected to each other over the internet which is generating nearly more than 3.5 quintillion bytes of data daily and this data holds a lot of information. These data may be used for the prediction, analysis, growth of the business, smart home, self-driving cars and many other fields.

Now as we know that IoT devices are generating a lot amount of data and we want to do the analysis of the data. If you have ever tried to do the analysis of the data than you can know that it will not be an easy task to find out the information or analysis the data. Here we need machine learning to find out the insight of the data or analyze the data.

We know that computer science and AI can deal with this because we can develop the machine or system which can learn by itself so that we can analysis data. We can find out the similar things for doing the decisions.

We can take an example here for the smart home. Suppose our homes are managed by IoT devices and sensors. We are taking one situation here, we can assume that our refrigerator is connected to the sensors and we don’t have bread and milk over there. Now as we know its connected with the sensors and internet than your refrigerator will place the order by itself to the nearest big bazar which uses robots or drones for sending the things. Now as big bazar gets the order of bread and milk, they send the order by the drone or robot, which will deliver the order to your home. Here we can see the use of IoT technology with the AI which makes our life easier.

We can take another example of the weather reports where we use the sensors to monitor the weather and send live weather data to the weather statistics which analysis the reports and do the prediction of the weather.

So as we can see that we will depend on the IoT devices and sensors because it generates a lot of data and being able to get the information from the data details. We will more depend on the AI because any human cannot be able to find the information from the data so we will need the machine to find and analyze the data. The machine will provide the accurately correct but what will happen if a machine gets a new pattern in the data for that we don’t have to think because the machine will that much capacity for learning by itself.

We will talk more about IoT and AI in the coming days.

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