Jmeter Data Extraction from File

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When we talking about Performance Testing, Some time we faces the scenario like we have to extract data from file. Extraction data from file is very important part of performance testing. In this blog, we will learn Data Extraction from File using Jmeter.

First of all we will create a .xlsx file. which consist our test data.

Data Extraction from File using Jmeter

Now we open the jmeter and make a http request. Here we defined the path where our file is located also we defined the View Results Tree Listener.

http request

Now we run the jmeter script and see the result.


We are getting the result and when we go in response data tab its unreadable response

now we go document part and see the response.


Now we can see that tika-app jar file is missing.So we download the tika-app jar file and placed inside the lib folder.

Again we run the script.

Data Extraction from File using Jmeter

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