Jmeter Load Testing:Send and Receive Email

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Email notification, send email and retrieve email is a important part of any company or organisation so if you have your email server and want to know the email performance of email server then we can use the jmeter. Beauty of jmeter is it gives the power in your hand you can measure the performance of send email same as received email performance.So we can define the user according to requirement and can test the performance of email server.So for the configuration email we need SMTP sampler.First of all we make a thread group and SMTP sampler.


After that we add SMTP sampler.


Here we define the server name,port,address,username password, message, we can attach the file.Here we using our email address and a normal message.

now we define a listener and can see the result in view result tree.


Now we read the mail from jmeter.

So for that we need a mail reader sampler. here we define the protocol pop3 or IMPS.


we define the server host,server port,username password or any you want to define any security setting. Now we run the script and see the result.




Fell free to ask me any question regarding JMeter.


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  1. Manoj,
    It always reads the inbox(or any folder) from the oldest email, can we configure it to read it from the most recent.

  2. Response code: 500
    Response message: Could not convert socket to TLS
    i am getting this error when ii run to send email

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