Kalix.io – Platform-as-a-Service: Server less, Database less

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Lightbend, comes with the new product that will meet the current developer problems and reduce the efforts while coding. Kalix.io comes with the advanced features that will compete the feature problems we face while developing Applications.

Kalix combines the scalability and cost benefits of serverless infrastructure with the data management and responsiveness of stateful services. This adds up to one managed, cloud-based environment.

By bringing Server, APIs, Database into a single package, developers don’t have to set up and tune databases, maintain and provision servers, and configure clusters, as the Kalix platform handles this.

Language Support By Kalix.io

  • Java
  • Scala
  • Javascript

Kalix is ideally suited for the creation of Microservices. It makes it easy and fast to build services using the concepts of Domain Driven Design (DDD).

Kalix: Database less:

In “traditional,” and stateless, serverless platforms you separate the data from the service and you have to explicitly connect them to read existing records, create new records, or update values. Kalix flips that model upside down. That makes Kalix uniquely suited for data-centric use cases like digital twins for IoT, real-time financial services, telemedicine, streaming media or gaming.

Kalix is Server less:

All functionality provided out-of-the-box and transparent to the developer by Kalix.io. no worry to configure the system for the application. It provides a “Reactive Runtime” that  claims to deliver “ultra-low latency with high resilience” by continuously optimizing data access, placement, locality, and replication.

Kalix is API first:

The API-first approach lets developers to configure how they want to expose their service and let the platform take care of connectivity.

Kalix Quick Start





Kalix docs : https://docs.kalix.io/


Kalix is with a strong focus on simplified developer experience. As a result, it is more opinionated regarding how developers model, implement and host their services.

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Vipul Kumar is Senior Software Consultant having 6years of experience. He has knowledge of languages like Functional Java, Scala, Akka, Akka-http. He is familiar with Object-Oriented Programming Paradigms and also has an interest in Functional Programming technologies. His hobbies include travelling, riding bikes and listening to music.