Knoldus Inc. recognized by Clutch as a Top Hadoop Consultant

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Here at Knoldus Inc., we pride ourselves on being one of the best developers of scala, big and fast data, microservices, and Artificial Intelligence, all of which have become increasingly important over the past years. However large and daunting these tasks may be, our clients are always our biggest priority. This is why we are ecstatic that Clutch has chosen us as one of the top Hadoop consultants.

If the name sounds familiar, it might be because Clutch has ranked us in the past for being one of the top AI and Big Data Companies. Clutch is a well-established business in Washington D.C. and provides a rating service that ranks businesses on a multitude of different criteria. In addition to the market research and analysis Clutch completes, they also interview our clients and ultimately create an incredibly unbiased rating of our company. Due to this, we would like to extend our extreme gratitude to our clients for yet another great Clutch review for the second year in a row.

Since our first review, we have garnered many more client reviews. One of our most recent client reviews states:

Clutch also has two affiliate sites, Visual Objects, and The Manifest. Visual Objects is the newest of the sister sites and provides potential clients with an opportunity to view the visual portfolios of exceptional companies that do creative designs. We are currently ranked 4th on The Manifest for machine learning companies and are delighted with our ranking.

“Our solution with the cloud-native approach, help our clients address risk and regulatory compliance challenges by delivering risk intelligence and automation. Analytics-driven risk insights empower our clients to quickly respond to market changes and build more resilient businesses. This award is a testimonial to our innovation, dedication, and continued aggressive growth.” CEO and Co-Founder Vikas Hazrati.

However, we want our ranking to go up within the next year, and to do this, we will have to stay dedicated to our employees, our services and solutions, but most importantly, our clients. At Knoldus Inc., we are excited for what lies ahead, and know that the best possible way forward is to do what we’ve always done: stick to our values, innovate our services, and always place our client first.

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