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Knoldus is proud to announce that it is now closely associated with the Tech Triveni as a Platinum Sponsor.

Tech Triveni is the incredible international technical conference being organized at India International Centre, New Delhi, India on the 18th November 2018. The conference domain spans across – Reactive,  Big data and Functional programming; from development to operations. Knoldus has joined the initiative as a sponsor for the event.

Events like Tech Triveni in the past have helped us greatly in discovering the possibilities of the digital future with the Functional and Reactive programming approaches along with the big data.  

Conferences like Tech Triveni offers a platform for a multitude of people like innovators, programmers, business holders and enthusiasts & experts to collaborate and grow further by building on these domains. It offers us to interact, build and grow our community and client base.

Tech Triveni looks like a very promising event that will help us improve and enhance our portfolio by learning more about reactive programming, microservices, streaming data, big data and functional programming to build reactive applications. We will be joining and attending the event in full force with our team.

We will be joining our hands with Tech Triveni to drive it to the success. We will be present at the conference to greet and meet you. Please do come and say “hi”, to our booth on November 18, 2018, at India International Centre. We will showcase our products and success stories too.

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Pallavi is a Software Consultant, with more than 3 years of experience. She is very dedicated, hardworking and adaptive. She is Technology agnostic and knows languages like Scala and Java. Her areas of interests include microservices, Akka, Kafka, Play, Lagom, Graphql, Couchbase etc. Her hobbies include art & craft and photography.