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Knoldus Tech Hub is the one-stop solution to all your development requirement. You can learn and kickstart your development with these pre-built templates in no time. We have showcased all the technologies that are being used at knoldus and templates that can  make a good getting started experience for developers.

  • Easy Learning: Learn and understand a particular topic of technology in a programmatic way and create real-world projects.

  • Faster Development: A generic solution to a complex problem where you just have to implement your business logic and you are good to go.

  • Customized Code: A customized solution for your unique development problem from the subject matter experts.

You might be wondering how it will be helpful?

So here’s the quick answer to your question, knoldus tech hub let you browse through multiple technologies where you can choose the one that interests you.


You can select from top 10 trending technologies on the right side of the main page.

On selecting a particular technology you will be redirected to numerous templates based on the technology you selected.


You can select from top 10 trending templates on the below right of the main page.

We have categorised templates in two parts i.e. Learning and Xlr8rs (pronounced as accelerators).

So let us explain what these template’s category mean,

  • Learning

By learning we mean learning templates that can help you learn and understand a particular topic of a technology in a programatic way or it can be any CRUD application.

  • Xlr8rs

By xlr8rs we mean a generic solution to a more complex problem where one needs to implement only business logics e.g. a logging feature or Authorisation feature that can be implemented in any project.

Also, Knoldus Tech Hub has a search feature to make your search easier and faster. Your required template is just a click away.

You can download any of these templates by providing your email address and company name (which is optional). You’ll receive an email through which you can easily download your template

If the template you tried downloading is the learning one, you can download it through the mail. In case the template is xlr8rs you just need to send us your requiremment with your business use case and Knoldus will be in touch with you, with the best available solution.

And this is not the end, Knoldus Tech Hub has more to offer… 😉

You can request for your own template and we’ll be back with the best possible solution to your problem.

Apart from this, we have provided the feedback functionality where you can rate us with stars and give us your valuable suggestions and feedback.

So in this way, Knoldus Tech Hub provides you with One step solution to accelerate your learning and to accelerate your development as well.

Hope you’ll enjoy and make use of it to its fullest.

Enjoy and happy learning 🙂

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Megha Jatana is the Software Consultant at Knoldus Software LLP. She has done MCA from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi. She has good knowledge of C, C++, Visual Basic, C#, Java, Scala, MongoDB, Akka, Kafka, Firebase, Cloud Firestore, HTML. She always tries to explore new things be it related to IT or in daily life. Her hobbies include dancing and adventure.