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KnolMoney – An entry gate to the whole world of possibilities that you can do with a virtual wallet.

In the age of the digital world, every transaction we do mostly is by digital wallets which can be used almost at every mall/shops. But in this wallet run, what we have forgotten is the Corporate Community. Here, comes Knoldus into a picture with a solution– KnolMoney, which is a virtual wallet designed specifically for corporate usage.

Every company now-a-days, are available at multi-locations and each location has a cafeteria, mess at least. Most companies have also started gift shops, stationery shops, and other necessary shops for their employees’ usage. The companies also give some prize money to be used by their employees on winning something. But the problem arises when all multiple locations have to be managed through a single platform and manage payments across all the offices.

To solve the problem of companies and the corporate world, Knoldus has introduced KnolMoney using which company can manage all the locations and multiple shops at every location with an option to manage the inventory for each shop. And for employees, they can make payments, the order in advance, see what’s available or not. They can request money from admin if that’s provided by the company. Not only this, if they are moving from one country to another country, the amount in the wallet automatically is changed to the other country’s currency which employees can use in that country’s shops to purchase. Even employees can get track of their spends.

What’s More?

You can even load the KnolMoney Wallet using other payment methods, like, debit card, credit card, account, etc. which is securely processed and gives you an option to merge it with your official wallet or put it aside in personal wallet for your usage in the merchant establishments outside your company.

For the company, we have reports which can be used to decide which item to keep which to move out, who are the top spenders and who are the least spenders. Even a company can promote items on the app, be it an in-app advertisement or a push notification to the users and even it can be targeted to specific users also.

With KnolMoney, you and your company don’t have to put multiple apps on your phone and use them for different places. By using KnolMoney, we got you covered in your company and outside your company.

How we do it – Take a look at the process

Let’s do some Sneak Peek into the App

Login Page


Dashboard Statistics to view your current month and last month spending

Keep track of Current and Last Month Spends

Add money to your KnolMoney wallet

Add Money to Wallet

Browse through different stores of your company

Select Menu Items

Order what you want to have


To conclude, by using KnolMoney, we got you covered in your company and outside your company by making digital payments easier.

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