Making DevOps a reality is easier said than done!

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These days, digital transformation is grabbing a lot of attention that trumpet how it’s radically changing customer behaviours. This typically means that IT departments have to deliver new features faster even in the face of more demanding requirements for availability (24/7) and security.

DevOps is one such important facet of digital transformation and promises to do exactly, by fostering a high degree of collaboration across the full IT value chain (from business, development, operations and IT infrastructure). But there’s a problem. Organizations are willing to take the step, but they don’t know how to. Scaling its success from the team to the organizational level can be a challenging process as the journey is not linear and the obstacles can be discouraging.

Keeping the above in mind, I wanted to share with you some resources focused on DevOps and its implementation. I hope these spark some ideas for you or give you new perspectives to achieve your DevOps transformation goals.

The Business Leaders’ Guide to DevOps

What are some of the challenges that business leaders face when they want their organizations to make the transformation to DevOps? What are the practical steps that CXOs can take to make the DevOps principles a reality? How can they measure their success?

These are a few questions that we have addressed in this resource to help those business leaders who are facing challenges on their DevOps journey. Download this extensive guide to know more. Explore More

Get to know the concept DevOps better with these insights:

  • Are you a DevOps engineer or a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)? This blog will help you dissect the two concepts to clear the confusion. Read More 
  • What is DevOps, what are its business benefits, and how are top companies adopting it? This blog helps you answer these questions. Read More
  • DevOps cannot just be about speed & agility, it needs to care about security as well. DevSecOps; explores this concept in detail. Read More

Explore how we’ve delivered results with DevOps for enterprises?

  • Global cruise vacation company: Find out how we helped a global leader in the travel & tourism industry to achieve CI/CD across hundreds of microservices & created a data pipeline to sync data between ships & shore. Explore the case study
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE): Explore how we made the ecosystem robust and adaptable by migrating the batch pipelines running over Jenkins to Reactive Microservices running over DCOS & automated the application as well as infrastructure deployment. Explore the case study
  • Leading Health Tech company: Automated the Infrastructure deployment using Terraform provisioned cloud-native containerized microservices over Kubernetes & integrated CI-CD for automated deployment. Plus monitoring application and infrastructure via Datadog and cloud watch. Explore the case study

Fast Track your DevOps adoption journey with Knoldus:

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