MarkLogic & Hadoop: for ease of technology solutions

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MarkLogic & Hadoop: for ease of technology solutions
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The MarkLogic Connector for Apache Hadoop is a powerful tool that allows you to use MapReduce. MarkLogic Platform to move large volumes of data into your Hadoop cluster. With this integration, you can leverage existing technology and processes for ETL. In addition, this connector enables you to take advantage of many advanced features available only in MarkLogic.

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MarkLogic, the leading open source NoSQL database, is a modern, enterprise-ready NoSQL database that is ideal for Hadoop. With its rich feature set and optimized for Hadoop, MarkLogic provides the best performance and scalability of any NoSQL database. On either Windows or Linux platforms.

MarkLogic has native support for Apache Hadoop 2.0 including MapReduce streaming jobs, distributed file systems (DFS). HDFS cluster management commands like dfsadmin -listen-address , dfsadmin -stop , etc. can be used. File system metadata APIs such as fsck –checkpoint-dir=DIR_NAME , etc., MapReduce execution engines such as hadoop jar/lib/*/hs_cassandra*.jar -classpath PATH or hsqldb10g/*/hsqldb10g-10.*.*.*.*/*(extension)*.jar ;

Hadoop is a framework for distributed storage and processing of large data sets. it provides a distributed file system called HDFS, which can be used to store and access files across multiple computers. It also provides MapReduce, an application programming interface (API) that makes it easy to work with large amounts of data in Hadoop.

MapReduce is a programming model that enables you to execute parallel tasks on your cluster in order to process large amounts of information more efficiently than would otherwise be possible using single-threaded processes alone. This allows you to perform complex analysis tasks such as text mining or data wrangling without having to write any code yourself!

Major Features

The MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop includes:

  • MapReduce support. The connector allows you to use the MapReduce framework in your application. You can write a single-node or multi-node job, and the connector will distribute your work across any number of nodes in its cluster.
  • HDFS support (Hadoop Distributed File System). The MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop provides read-only access to files stored on HDFS; this allows users who are familiar with Hadoop (e.g., MapReduce programmers) to take advantage of its powerful capabilities without having prior knowledge of how it works or where files are located on disk.”

Installing the MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop

You can download the connector from the MarkLogic website.

  • Download and install it on your Hadoop cluster as described in [Installing the MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop](
  • Create a new database, using our sample data files:
    We recommend using the UTF8 character set for storing text files. It causes to superior performance over other encodings such as ISO8859-1 (Western Europe) and UTF16 BE (Central Europe). The default character encoding will be determined by your operating system. When you run a Hive command. Like “hive -e input/sample_data/train13_table” or similar commands which require UTF8 characters within their command line arguments or input. If you encounter issues when attempting to load data into multiple databases simultaneously then this should be considered before proceeding further with this.

Configuring Your Environment to Use the Connector

You can use the MarkLogic Connector for Hadoop to integrate with your Hadoop cluster. The following steps describe how to install and configure the connector:

  • Install the connector on each node in your cluster using the following command: java -jar hadoop-connector-core-$VERSION_SRCDIR/hadoop-connector-core-api-$VERSION_SRCDIR/bin/hadoop-connector-core.
  • Check that all nodes have successfully installed this software by running this command on every node in your cluster: java -jar hadoop-connector-core-$VERSION_SRCDIR/hadoop-connector-core-$VERSION_SRCDIR. If no errors are displayed, then you have successfully installed all components necessary for using this connector with Spark and Hive jobs in HDFS or YARN applications on Hadoop clusters!

With the MarkLogic Connector for Apache Hadoop, you can use MapReduce to move large volumes of data into a MarkLogic cluster.

MarkLogic Connector for Apache Hadoop is a distributed processing framework that enables you to use MapReduce to move large volumes of data into a MarkLogic cluster. With the connector, you can use MapReduce to run your existing applications on Hadoop without any changes or modifications. The connector provides an easy-to-install. straight forward installation process and makes it easy for you to create multiple jobs that run at once in the same execution environment.

The MarkLogic Connector for Apache Hadoop supports both batch and real-time data processing scenarios by allowing users to prepare their own input files before running them through any job processes like MapReduce or Pig Scripts (which was introduced in version 1). This makes it ideal for use cases where there’s no need for continuous streaming access. But instead, want something more structured such as batching operations together into multi-step steps within larger jobs instead so they don’t need high availability guarantees because they’re not being streamed live all day long every day like some other products might offer; however, these sorts of environments tend not to take advantage of some features available only when using streaming methods such as load balancing across multiple machines within one geographical location (like Amazon Web Services).


The MarkLogic Connector for Apache Hadoop provides an easy way to move your data from Hadoop into MarkLogic. You can use the connector to create a cluster and run your analytics applications on it. as well as you also have access to other features like streaming and extract-transform-load processing. In addition to traditional query functionality. It is currently available as a beta release as a result you will need to know how to configure and install it before using it with your own projects!.

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