Migration to cloud: What organizations need to know?

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By 2025, 80% of enterprises intend to migrate from on-premise data centers to colocation, hosting, and the cloud, thus preparing for shutdowns of legacy data centers.


With the COVID-19 crisis, companies have their eyes on cost optimization. Migrating to the cloud is becoming an obvious choice for companies as implementation costs are minimal, ROI is easier to predict, storage is less expensive, and businesses are able to achieve more with less downtime and cost.

But is cost-cutting the only driving force behind organizations moving forward with cloud migration today? In our latest episode of KnolBytes, we got into a conversation with Ram Indukuri, President at Knoldus about the same and he talks about how apart from cost savings, businesses are eager to transform their legacy architectures to cloud-native ones.

Ram also answers a few questions regarding cloud-migration –

  • How to select the right cloud strategy to be compatible with your data?
  • What are the challenges that senior executives face while migrating to the cloud and what they can do to overcome that?
  • Why should companies aiming at modernizing their systems invest in cloud-native architectures?
Digitally Transform With Confidence

Transform with Knoldus’ Cloud Migration capabilities

Most businesses have felt a major or minor impact because of COVID-19. We have seen cost-saving become one of the top priorities for most of our customers. Taking the initiative to retire expensive licensed legacy products is a major step towards cost-optimization.

Knoldus has helped several organizations migrate from their local Hadoop platform to cloud-based Spark platforms like Databricks. Our clients including HP Enterprise, Philips Healthcare, Huawei, HEB, Elsevier trust us in delivering advanced Spark-based applications. If you want to step up beyond cost-savings, set up a no-obligation call with our Cloud Migration experts to know more.

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