Monitor API Collections in Postman

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Hello Everyone! In this blog, we will talk about monitoring your APIs via Postman.

Let’s assume you have some production in point that has to always be up and running. So, you cannot go to the postman all the time and even not run the collection to make sure that all the things are up and running. For that reason, the postman has one inbuilt feature which is called the monitoring variable. In which you can create one collection where you can keep all the endpoints that you have to monitor. So that it will always be up and running to run our business smoothly.

Monitoring is an important concept when it comes to any application. Postman Monitoring helps you to stay up to date on the health and performance of your API. In short, Monitors allow you to schedule your Tests to run automatically at defined intervals.

How to Monitor Collections in Postman?

  • Create a Collection and add Requests into that collection.
  • Now, we have to create a monitor for our collection, just click on 3 dots or ‘view more actions’ for your collection and there you will find “Monitor Collection”. Click on the Monitor Collection.
  • Once you open this page, it will ask you for a monitor name, monitor run frequency. There are three types of monitor run frequency – Minute Timer, Hour Timer, Week Timer.
  • You can choose and select Timers accordingly, for now i’m selecting Hour timer in which i’m selecting every single Hour.
  • Now, coming to additional preferences. There is one important preference is ‘Recieve Email Notifications for run failures and errors’, let’s add email address here and you can add more for notification reciepients here. So, according to your requirement you can choose.
  • Go ahead and click on “Create”.
  • The monitor will now run according to your selected time run frequency or you can Just click on the “Run” option to run your monitor.
  • Once run is completed, it will display our test results and the console log like this-
  • Now, open your email and check the notifications now. So, here it is-

So, Monitors help you to fix issues pretty quickly because you get a notification every time if any of your API requests fails, you don’t have to wait or check manually every time whether your API requests or tests are continuously running or not.



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