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Hello Everyone, The year 2020 has been the worst nightmare for us, which many would want to erase from their minds if possible. Teams move from on-premises to remote locations, which comes with many challenges for an agile team. It accelerated digital transformation, causing everyone to start porting things over to apps and software as the only way to interact with external and internal stakeholders and teams. This, in turn, has increased the amount of software testing needed.

The 2021 State of Test Automation Report explains how the teams were struggling with different challenges of automation testing. Here we are predicting the must adopt testing trends for the year 2021 to overcome these challenges.

Let’s find out:

1) Code-less Automated Testing

The higher adoption of code-less testing tools will be the main software testing trend in 2021. The 2021 State of Test Automation Report explains Script-less testing is top of mind in 2021. Over 40% of respondents have an interest in using script-less/intelligent test automation solutions this year.

Script-less testing is also the top trend respondents are looking to invest in throughout 2021.

2) Invest On More Automation

Test automation is the one solitary method to adequately test high test coverage in every sprint and give the superior quality and instant feedback and response that we look for when working in Agile. As per the 2021 State of Test Automation Report, 48% respondents are looking to invest in automation solutions within the next year. We estimated that more and more automation adaptability will increase exponentially in 2021.

3) Develop Automation Pipelines

Earlier when we discussed automation people refer to writing automation scripts with selenium or any other tools. 2021 will be an evolution away from automation scripting to automation pipelines. The new challenges in rapid development forced us to think about that. As a test automation engineer you have to work with implementing CI/CD, you will handle the automation of full, end-to-end pipelines and writing a small piece of functional test is just a small task of these pipelines.

4) Blend Of Continuous Testing

Continuous testing has been a buzzword over the years, it is a software testing strategy that is used to evaluate the quality of the product, not only during the latter half of the software development life cycle (SDLC) but also early stages. The famous saying “prevention is better than cure” is applicable in the SDLC, too. Yes, testing the product early and often, and fixing the bugs before moving it to production, can bring a wide range of benefits and this is the only reason that teams are starting to invest in this area and it will be in demand in the year 2021-22.

5) API and Service Test Automation

The testing community is talking about API testing as a trend for years.
With the enhancement of micro-service architecture on the web as well as software development, the usage of application programming interfaces (APIs) is mounting every day. This year, that trend will continue. The QA team must confirm these APIs are communicating and functioning separately. To keep this trend high, automated API testing will rise as we move toward 2021.

6) AI and ML

The rising demand for Artificial Intelligence continues to grow due to the growing number of apps we use in our linked world. Teams are investing in AI and ML-based testing tools and practices, over 60% of respondents are looking to invest in AI & ML in code-less testing.

The rising demand for Artificial Intelligence continues to grow due to the growing number of apps we use in our linked world.

7) Chat-bot Tests

Due to global lock down for months in a row, several companies implemented chat-bots. Even chat-bots provided 24×7 support to millions of retail stores, financial organizations, brands, etc.

Users go to websites expecting to find answers to all their questions.
Smart, AI-powered techs like conversational artificial intelligence (AI) chat-bots for customer sentiment analysis, machine learning, and speech recognition technology can help the user experience. Learning more about QA-ops testing of chat-bots, speech, and ML-powered software enables the teams to get ready for the future from 2021 onward.

These are the most recent trends in the testing community that are exceedingly useful for test engineers and organizations to accelerate their testing process in 2021.


The State Of Test Automation 2021
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