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Oops … It seems that the cat ate all our posts! We should be back again with more insightful posts soon. Keep visiting!

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Vikas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Knoldus Inc. Knoldus does niche Reactive and Big Data product development on Scala, Spark, and Functional Java. Knoldus has a strong focus on software craftsmanship which ensures high-quality software development. It partners with the best in the industry like Lightbend (Scala Ecosystem), Databricks (Spark Ecosystem), Confluent (Kafka) and Datastax (Cassandra). Vikas has been working in the cutting edge tech industry for 20+ years. He was an ardent fan of Java with multiple high load enterprise systems to boast of till he met Scala. His current passions include utilizing the power of Scala, Akka and Play to make Reactive and Big Data systems for niche startups and enterprises who would like to change the way software is developed. To know more, send a mail to or visit

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    1. Srirangan, thanks for your help. Here the ‘cat’ refers to the metaphor which says that anything that you put on your site when you are working for someone belongs to them. I hope you got the point and beware of what you put on your blog site 😉 or make it clear upfront!

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