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And you thought you were doing Microservices

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you have been in the software industry for some time you would have heard things like. Yes we do Scrum but …we do not have timeboxed sprints. Yes, we write automated user acceptance tests but … as a part of the Sprint planning we decide whether we would write automated test for a story or do ad-hoc manual testing. Oh, and our test coverage Continue Reading

Web Application using rest in AngularJS – Part-1

Reading Time: 3 minutes You know what is AngularJS famous for ? So before beginning to develop an example web app using angular, let us start knowing about some angular features. Angular gives you the feature of two way data binding :With reducing the code change in model, it shows the change in model over DOM element in fraction of seconds. AngularJS is a MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) : ViewModel here Continue Reading

How to perform auto complete textbox operation in Selenium

Reading Time: < 1 minute I am going to demonstrate how to do automation testing a Lift application with Selenium IDE. In some scenario there is an auto complete textbox, where we need to put the entity name, as the auto complete textbox work where browser select the element from drp down list. Follow the below steps: 1) Type the required auto-complete name like Laptop (use TypeAndWait command & add Continue Reading

FunHop : What Are These Side Effects?

Reading Time: 2 minutes FunHop is imagined as a series which allows us to gradually hop into the realms of Functional Programming. Our vehicle for the journey is going to be Scala but the fundamentals are applicable across languages. In this episode we would try to decipher Side Effects. We keep hearing that pure functions are the ones where there are NO side effects. Let us begin with an Continue Reading

Scala Slick 2.0 for multi-database

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here i am going to explain how to use Slick 2.0 (Lifted Embedding API) in an application which have  multiple-database for multiple environment . In any application generally we have different environments like testing, development, production etc. I want to demonstrate this concept using simple use case. lets say we want to use  H2 for testing ,MySql for development and PostgreSql for production environment. In Continue Reading

Unit Testing Maven Based JPA Application on GAE

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently, we started porting a complex enterprise timesheet and invoicing application to Google App Engine. We would talk about the strategy that we are following as a part of separate post but in this post let us look at how we can unit test JPA code effectively in our local environment. By the way, the application that we are porting does not use JPA but Continue Reading

Unit Testing Esper Statements

Reading Time: 2 minutes Esper Statements would allow the flow of events to pass through them. Usually what would you like to unit test for a basic scenario? The valid events are being passed to the listener The invalid events are filtered out and are not passed to the listener The batching time, if defined for the statement, is being adhered to. Let us quickly look at what a Continue Reading

Testing Jersey Based REST Services with Grizzly

Reading Time: 2 minutes In my last post, we had seen how easy it was to create REST based services with Spring and Jersey. In this post we would quickly see how we can unit test them. Ok, this is not entirely a unit test in the strict sense because we are not testing the resource in isolation but it is a good strategy nevertheless because it helps us Continue Reading