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Uploading data file to MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu

I use MySQL 5.5.28 on my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04.3. Recently, I had tried to upload a datafile thus: load data local infile ‘/home/nirmalya/GridSense/UserInfo.csv’ into table gsdemoconfig.user_core_info fields terminated by ‘,’ lines terminated by ‘\n’; Regular command, I have used it many times earlier. But, incidentally, never on this version of MySQL. MySQL came back with a stern negation: ERROR 1148 (42000): The used command is not allowed with Continue Reading

On the stuff that you don’t see in a game

Many times, when I happen to talk to prospective clients or friends from the industry about multiplayer internet-based games and the issues related to their implementations, usually their reaction is a mixture of excitement about fetching User interfaces and how engaging the games are. Other common features like being able to play on mobile devices and quick sharing of scores through Facebook and Twitter also Continue Reading

Quick Tip : How to make Jetty webserver listen on port 80 as a non-root user

We had a requirement to run an application on a different port which was running at port 8080 (Jetty) by default . One of our Lift application was running at port 8080 on Linux (Ubuntu 13.04 ) machine & we wanted to run it at port 80. Usually on Linux machines, port 80 is protected. Typically only the superuser root can open it and ports Continue Reading

Integrating Scala Code Coverage Tool (SCCT) in Play Scala project

In my last blog i’ve elaborated the steps to integrate the JaCoCo with your Play Scala project. This time we’ll learn about how to integrate the Scala Code Coverage Tool ( SCCT ) in your Play Scala project. Just some easy steps and you’re done with SCCT integration. Lets see it in action. 1. Add the following resolvers in your plugin.sbt file. resolvers += Classpaths.typesafeResolver Continue Reading

KnolX Session: Testing Akka Actors Using TestKit

In the presentation which is the part of our ongoing Knolx session, we discussed about how to test Akka actors using Testkit. By using testkit we can test Actor’s behaviour, apply time assertions on actor’s reply and we can also do integration testing of actors. We also discussed how to use TestProbe to test actors which are supposed to send messages to different destinatations.   Continue Reading

ScalaJobz updates: Job search app for iOS

Knoldus is excited to announce the official release of our award-winning ScalaJobz search app for iOS using Phonegap! The ScalaJobz Search app is now available for free download in the App store. ScalaJobz is a job aggregator for Scala Jobs across the world. It aggregates latest job offerings from various Job Portals like Indeed, Simply Hired ,Career Builder etc. It provides dedicated Scala job posting avenue for Continue Reading

Integrating JaCoCo in your Play Scala project

Its always good to have a fine test coverage in any project. I am working on Play framework & this time i’ve tried to integrate the JaCoCo with my play scala project & it’s cool to have it in my project. I am going to elaborate a few easy steps to integrate the JaCoCo in Play Scala project. 1. Add the following lines of code Continue Reading

Getting Longitude & Latitude for a address using Play Framework 2.1 WS API

This blog post serves the two purposes : First , We’ll learn about getting the latitude & longitude for an address using Google Geocoding API. Second , We’ll do the same as mentioned above using Play 2.1 WS API & learn about how to call the web services in Play 2.1. On order to call the other HTTP services within Play 2.1 we use Continue Reading

How to use Lift’s Auto Complete functionality optionally

Auto Complete functionality enables users to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as they type, leveraging searching and filtering. We can see live example in Google. Whenever we type something for searching, Google provides us some suggestions. This increases the speed of our work. This functionality is used in 2 forms : 1. Only auto complete is allowed. i.e. We can Continue Reading

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