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ScalaJobz!!! Now on mobile with Phonegap

Knoldus is pleased to announce the ScalaJobz-Mobile application using Phonegap. Now, its available on android phone. ScalaJobz is a job aggregator for Scala Jobs across the world. It aggregates latest job offerings from various Job Portals like Indeed, Simply Hired ,Career Builder etc. It provides dedicated Scala job posting avenue for organizations looking for Scala talent. ScalaJobz is a winner of the Typesafe developer competition.

Play Framework 2.0: Ajax Calling Using Javascript Routing in Scala

Continuing our series on Play Framework, in this blog we’ll learn How to make Ajax call in play using jsRoutes.We have already covered design forms in Play2.0 using Scala and Mongodb in the past. Play2.0 introduces a powerful feature JavascriptRouter which helps us in making Ajax call.The play router is able to generate JavaScript code to handle routing from JavaScript running client side back to Continue Reading

Downloading And Uploading Data on Google App Engine Using Java Application

We need to download data as a CSV from the app engine data store. This would help us get the data back from the app engine, just in case you want to move away or update from the data store. We’ll go through a step by step example for using this tool with a Java application. 1. Download Google App Engine SDK for Python from here. Unzip this Continue Reading

How To Create Tweet & Follow Button In Your Web Application

Twitter is great for sharing interesting things you find on the web. In fact, close to a quarter of all Tweets include a link in them. Despite the high volume of sharing, there is plenty of room to make it easier. So, I have recently created “Share on Twitter” functionality in my application. Now you can use this functionality too with yours application. Lets quickly Continue Reading

ATDD, Generating random tests with ScalaCheck

Further, in our series on Acceptance Test Driven Development, we would look at generating random test values with the ScalaCheck framework. In our last post we looked at, how we make our test logic respect the DRY principle by defining the values in a table. However, in many situations, you would like to generate the values dynamically so that we do not have to fill Continue Reading

Scala Liftweb : Re render page element without making any request to the server

Lift introduces a powerful feature that enables developer to create rich interactive application using Comet and Ajax support . Using Comet , its easy to push content from server to browser by sending request asynchronously . AJAX works for a single client at a time , while Comet works for multiple users . Comet works like AJAX but in opposite direction . In this blog Continue Reading

Connect with LinkedIn in java

We needed to post LinkedIn updates in our gwt based application. LinkedIn-J is a java wrapper over LinkedIn API’s. We used this to post LinkedIn updates in our application. We have also used signpost-core. It stands for simple oauth messages signing for java. It exoposes a simple interface to sign HTTP requests using a given OAuth token and secret. For getting this work we downloaded Continue Reading

Google Apps Script: Download mailbox of a domain user using Email Audit API in a Google Apps Domain

The Google Apps Email Audit API allows Google Apps administrators to audit a user’s email, email drafts, and archived chats. In addition, a domain administrator can retrieve account login information and download a user’s mailbox. This API only applies to Google Apps for Business, Education, and ISPs accounts. It is not used with a Google Apps or Gmail account not hosted by the Google Apps Continue Reading

Google Apps Script: Read Google Document as Template

DocsList services provides access to the document list This services provides access to the document list and the files and folders in the document list. we can create files, folders, and subfolders that appear in the document list. Here, we are going to read a Google Document as a template by Google Apps Script. Step 1: Create a Document: Create a document and write some Continue Reading

An alternate way to implement JOINs in MongoDB [Update]

I have updated this blog . As last description was creating some misunderstanding and lot of confusion . In one of my project , there was a requirement to generate report in .csv format from MongoDB without using any reporting tool and any language . I had to use only MongoDB query . In that report , I had to use multiple collection . Since Continue Reading

Play Framework 2.0: Generate TinyUrl With API

The Google URL Shortener at is a service that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link that is easier to share, tweet, or email. Steps to integrate with : Step #1 : Register App with Google Register your App with Google through the API Console.  When you create your application, you register it with Google. Google then provides information Continue Reading

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