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Combining CEP with Grid Computing

In the last few posts, we have talked about Complex Event Processing (CEP), have gone through a simple case of CEP and have also looked at Grid Computing with GridGain. In this post, we are going to see how you…

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CEP with Esper

In the last post we looked at the basics of Complex Event Processing (CEP). In this post we are going to give that a try using the community edition of Esper which is an open source event stream processing (ESP)…

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Complex Event Processing

In the last post, we saw the difference between a Rule Engine, Event Stream and Complex Event Processing. In this post, we would try to dig a bit deeper into what is CEP. There are a lot of events happening…

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Comparing Event Processing and Rule Engines

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about CEP and the benefits that it can bring to the industry. CEP is the analysis of event data in real-time to generate immediate insight and enable instant response to changing conditions.…

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Let Us Grid Compute

Since early times oxen were used for heavy pulling. Sometimes the logs were huge and an oxen could not pull it. The smart people from the earlier times did not build a bigger ox. Instead they used two or three…

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Role of an Agile Architect

This post is a reproduction of my article which has been published on Agile Journal by the name The Shiny New Agile Architect. You can download the pdf here. Recently there has been a lot of talk on whether we…

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Don’t Judge an Application by the Looks

We have heard a lot of times that for the end user, the UI is the system. Well, in my view the answer is partially correct. Agreed that the UI gives a pleasant feeling and makes you stay on the…

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Oops ... It seems that the cat ate all our posts! We should be back again with more insightful posts soon. Keep visiting!

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What Does 99.99% Availability Mean?

Availability is defined by uptime. I.e. the time between failures. It is dependent upon Downtime and Recovery Time Downtime is the amount of time that the system is unavailable due to either failures or scheduled maintenance. Recovery time is the…