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Google Apps Script: Creating Archives of Documents and Files of User in Google Apps Domain

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Google Documents List API allows developers to create, retrieve, update, and delete Google Docs (including text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings), files, and collections. It also provides some advanced features like resource archives, Optical Character Recognition, translation, and revision history. Documents List API is useful if we need to store data in the cloud, perform resource management, convert document formats, etc. All interactions with Continue Reading

Google Apps Script : Getting profile information for users in a Google Apps domain

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Profiles Data API allows client applications to retrieve and update profile information for users in a Google Apps domain. Each user profile is stored in the owning user’s Google Account, but it can be modified only by an administrator of the user’s domain. So what we are going to do, we will fetch user’s profile information from an admin account. For this, we will Continue Reading

Knoldus’ ScalaJobz on First Paragraph of Typesafe’s Year End Blog

Reading Time: < 1 minute It was a New Year gift for all of us at Knoldus to be featured on the year end blog of Typesafe and that too in the first paragraph. The mention was for ScalaJobz, the community initiative which aggregates all scala related jobs and aspires to be the single source of information to all Scala job seekers. The community feedback has been very inspiring as Continue Reading

Scalajobz : Community Initiative By Knoldus

Reading Time: < 1 minute Knoldus is pleased to announce the public availability of ScalaJobz is a community initiative to aggregate and present ScalaJobz across the world for all Scala enthusiasts. It follows the following subset of functionalities. Scalajobz is a community driven job portal for Scala jobs.  It is specifically focussed on the Scala ecosystem. Scalajobz Aggregate from various Job Portals like Indeed, Simply Hired ,Career Builder Continue Reading

OOPs concepts and Scala

Reading Time: < 1 minute Recently Knoldus delivered a training at a huge bank in Singapore and Mumbai, India to get them started with Scala. The team mostly coming from the imperative background was first updated on the best way to develop software in an object oriented way and then for 3 days were immersed in the Scala sessions. What follows is the part one where the team was reinforced Continue Reading

Communicating with Twitter via Twitter4J using Scala

Reading Time: 2 minutes Twitter4J is a Java library for the Twitter API. With Twitter4J, you can easily integrate your Scala application with the Twitter service. Twitter4J is featuring: – Easy to use with Scala (as it works on any Java Platform version 5 or later) – Support via a single jar file. – Built-in OAuth support. Here is the tutorial to use Twitter4J in Scala. 1. Download the Continue Reading

Getting a preview image of a PDF file in Scala

Reading Time: < 1 minute In order to have an preview image of an PDF file you can use PDFBox. Here is the simple tutorial to extracting an preview image of an PDF file. Firstly you need to get the pdfbox-jar file & you can get it here. 1. You need to have these following imports. import import javax.imageio.ImageIO import org.dopdf.document.model.PageDetail import import import utils.AmazonUpload import Continue Reading

Scala lift : Access Session Information In Actors.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Problem: In Scala Lift Application. There are two ways to maintain and access the session information. Either we can use SessionVars or net.liftweb.http.S object. Each of them work significantly well until there are used in the scope of session. Now the actual problem arise when I used Actor to get concurrency in scala lift application. Actor runs outside of the context of the session that Continue Reading

ScalaKnol: Understanding Traits as Stackable Modifications

Reading Time: 3 minutes Traits can be used to modify the methods of a class. The way such modifications are carried out is such that they can stack modifications with each other. Let us take an example. Say, there is a class called ImageProcessor which processes images. Now there are a few modifications required before the image is actually uploaded to your server. If you are using Facebook then Continue Reading

Knolx Session: Data Structures In Scala

Reading Time: < 1 minute This Knolx session we went about discussing data structures. I talked about simple data structures like Queue and Binary Search Tree and their possible implementation in Scala. The idea was to know about a bit of Functional data structures and their implementation in Scala. I then discussed Binary Search Trees and their traversals. Here is the presentation.

Extract a frame image from video in scala

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sometimes it becomes a general requirement to show the preview of a video wherever video gets displayed. Like on YouTube , If you’ll right click on almost any video , you’d find that each video contains a preview image of a frame of that video. Here is a short tutorial for doing the same i.e extracting a frame image from a video in Scala via Continue Reading

Working With Elasticsearch In Scala

Reading Time: 3 minutes Elasticsearch is an open-source, restful, distributed, search engine built on top of apache-lucene. You can read it more on their website. We have an application built in scala with sbt as our build tool. Now we required to have a search capability on the output created by the application. We chose to use elasticsearch for our application. In this post, we will learn to use Continue Reading