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Scala in Business | Knoldus Newsletter – October 2014

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello Folks This time I got bit late due to the festival week in India. But i have some intresting stuffs for you only. We are back again with October 2014, Newsletter. Here is this Scala in Business | Knoldus Newsletter – October 2014 In this newsletter you will get to know how organizations are getting benefits by using Typesafe Reactive Platform, how Akka is Continue Reading

Solution for Riak 500 Internal Server Error

Reading Time: < 1 minute I am new to Riak and learning it. Few days ago, I got 500 Internal Server Error exception while inserting data in a Riak bucket. It was weird because I was able to insert same data in different bucket. I tried to find out root cause, but didn’t get success. After beating my head whole day, I posted it on Roak forum and stackoverflow. I Continue Reading

Tutorial: AJAX calling in Play Framework 2.3.4

Reading Time: 5 minutes In this tutorial we will discuss about the following topics of AJAX calling in Play Framework 2.3.4: Generating a Javascript router Embedded router Router resource Use of Javascript router jQuery Ajax Success/Error handler for each router Single Success/Error handler for all routers

Tutorial: Post Update on LinkedIn via Scribe using Scala

Reading Time: 3 minutes To post an Update on LinkedIn via your application, that is being built with Play 2.3.x, follow these steps ( this post summarizes the work done step by step). 1) Create a LinkedIn app (if you do not have one already) Click here – LinkedIn’s Developer Quick Start Guide and create an app. Enter all the details including Site URL. The Site URL could be something like Continue Reading

And you thought the App trait is just a convenient way of creating an executable Scala program

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ok,  Let’s start discussion about the App trait uses in our code segment. Here I will try to demonstrate some use cases for the better use of App trait in our Scala code. To read more about the App trait you can refer to the documentation here Let’s go with our daily uses of App trait 🙂 Just want to print something on console: object Continue Reading

Tutorial #1: Getting started with Play Framework 2.3.4

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog we would set up the development environment with Play and Eclipse which would drive us through rest of the tutorial series.  We would be running this blog as a series and we would be looking at various aspects of play with this blog. In this tutorial we will discuss about the following topics of Play Framework: Installing Play New application Layout of Continue Reading

Map reduce with Akka and Scala: The famous word count

Reading Time: 4 minutes After working for around a decade with Java and family, recently i tried my hands with Scala and Akka. Yes! changing taste buds is not at all easy. But working with Scala is fun!  Prior to this, every time when i start on building some APIs, First thing which comes in my mind is Number of java classes or beans. Honestly a POJO is never Continue Reading