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Guide to Spring Cloud GCP with it’s Working

Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction: What is Spring Cloud GCP (Google Cloud Platform)?  The Spring Cloud GCP is a tool that demonstrates how GCP and Spring Cloud Services can be used together. GCP support helps us to create a high-availability, fully scalable application. The Spring Cloud GCP project is a collaborative effort by the community. It brings together the best practices from both Google and open-source communities. The main Continue Reading

Introduction of Spring Cloud Gateway

Reading Time: 4 minutes In a distributed environment, services need to communicate with each other. However, this is interservice communication. We also have use-cases where a client outside our domain wants to hit our services for the API. So, either we can expose the address of all our microservices which can be called by clients OR we can create a Service Gateway which routes the request to various microservices Continue Reading

Know about Spring Data Cloud Spanner

Reading Time: 2 minutes Introduction The Spring Data Cloud Spanner module helps you use Cloud Spanner in any Java application that’s built with the Spring Framework.With Spring Data Cloud Spanner, you can use plain old Java objects (POJOs) to model the data you store in your Cloud Spanner tables. Features Deliver high-performance transactions with strong consistency across regions and continentsSpring Boot Actuator is a sub-project of the Spring Boot Framework. Continue Reading

Airflow on Google Cloud Composer

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you are wondering how to start working with Apache Airflow for small development or academic purposes here you will learn how to. Well deploying Airflow on GCP Compute Engine (self-managed deployment) could cost less than you think with all the advantages of using its services like BigQuery or Dataflow. Table of Content What is apache airflow cloud composer overview Google cloud composer benefit Composer Continue Reading

 Google Cloud Platform: A Quick introduction

Reading Time: 4 minutes Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a global cloud service provided by Google that uses the same infrastructure as they use within their end-user products. In April 2008, Google announced its first cloud computing service called App Engine. It is a platform for developing and managing web applications in Google’s data centers. GCP is part of Google Cloud, which integrates the Google Cloud Platform public cloud Continue Reading

Introduction to Google Cloud Operations Suite

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hi Readers, Once we have deployment our code to production and the application is in use by large number of users we want to make sure that our application is reliable and highly available to the users. However anything we try, there would be always be some chances of failures. We can’t remove them but we can definitely follow several things to minimise it. In Continue Reading

Let’s Mindmap: Cloud Native

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cloud-Native evokes different responses from every engineer on any team. As a part of this visual presentation, we would like to get a common understanding of what is cloud-native, talk about its pillars and which applications are a good candidate for the same. With this vlog, the idea is to make a common denominator of understanding so that the team can be successful together. Happy Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway Global Filters

Reading Time: 3 minutes Filters act as the place where you can modify the incoming requests before sending the requests to the internal microservices or before responding back to the client.The GlobalFilter interface has the same signature as GatewayFilter. These are special filters that are conditionally applied to all routes. Forward Routing Filter The ForwardRoutingFilter looks for a URI in the exchange attribute ServerWebExchangeUtils.GATEWAY_REQUEST_URL_ATTR. If the URL has a Continue Reading

Getting Started with Spring Cloud Gateway

Reading Time: 3 minutes Introduction First of all, we will know what is “Spring Cloud Gateway”. Spring Cloud Gateway provides a library for building API gateways on top of Spring and Java. API gateway is the single entry point to multiple microservices. On the other hand, we can understand that any external system can not access all other microservices directly. It can access through only one common entry to Continue Reading

Understanding Failover Scenario in Cloud

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi Readers, as the world is growing rapidly and IT industry have most of the responsibility to manage several businesses. Companies are constantly having increased number of customers and users on their platform and this brings a responsibility to provide good experience to the users. With increased numbers of users, it brings heavy load to the servers as well. In that case failover is something Continue Reading

Spring Cloud GCP for Pub/Sub

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is the first blog in the Spring Cloud GCP- Cloud Pub/Sub. In this blog, we will create an application to receive messages that are sent by the sender application. We will use Google Cloud Pub/Sub as the underlying messaging system. To integrate Google Cloud Pub/Sub with our application we will be using Spring. As part of this blog, we have to download the basic Continue Reading

Spring Cloud Gateway with Actuator API

Reading Time: 2 minutes Actuator Actuator is a library which is provides many beneficial features and are production-ready to be utilised in our application. The main features of this library include monitoring of the application, collection of metrics, traffic flow or the status of the database.The actuator mainly works in exposing operational information about the running application. It uses HTTP endpoints or JMX beans to enable the interaction. Actuator Continue Reading

Google BigQuery: Cloud Data Warehouse

Reading Time: 6 minutes BigQuery is a data warehouse to work with large amounts of data. With BigQuery, one can collect data from various sources, store the data, analyze the data, and eventually; be able to visualize the analysis in multiple ways. This blog talks about BigQuery, its various features, and use cases. This blog will go through the following topics: Introduction BigQuery Working Features of BigQuery Introduction Ever since the dawn of computing, and subsequently the internet, Continue Reading