PlantUML (Easy Diagram Creation Tool)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hello All, In this blog, we are going to explain how we can create a different level of diagrams using PlantUML. Generally, developers communicate with their audience using the following ways:

  1. Technical text.
  2. Screenshots of the code. OR
  3. Diagrams

Technical text and Screenshots of the code works well for developers but fails while communicating with the clients or users, but diagrams work well with both developers and user because by using a diagram it is easy to consume than text.

The picture conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does.


It always becomes hard for a developer to create a diagram. Either using paint or some other online available tools.
Your searching ends here. Because I am going to tell you about the plant UML which allows us to create a diagram in an easy(programmatic) way. PlantUML is an interesting diagram tool as well as open source too.

PlantUML is a component that allows to quickly write :

To use PlantUML in IntelliJ we required to add the PlantUML integration plugins and graphviz on your dev machine. In my case, it is Linux os(Ubuntu). Once it is completed you are able to see the various diagram option in the IntelliJ.

For example, we want to create an activity diagram.

Go to

src → new →UML Activity

Give the suitable name of the file, I named it as “Activity”.


Ahhh!!! the diagram has been created.



Thanks !!!