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PReact is a lightweight version of React. It is a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same ES6 API. It is the best alternative when performance, speed, and size are a priority, for example in the case of mobile web apps or progressive web apps.

PReact itself is not intended to be a re-implementation of React. A lot of differences are there which are trivial and preact/compat removes them completely. PReact/compat is a thin layer over it that attempts to achieve 100% compatibility with React.

React vs PReact

  • Size: Minified and zipped versions of React application is around 80kB, but for PReact it weighs a mere 3kB. This difference alone is huge.
  • Features and API: PReact includes only a subset of the React API and not all available features in React.
  • Performance: PReact is definitely faster as compared to react.
PREACT Benchmarks 1.0.0

Features of PReact

  • All the power of Virtual DOM components, without the overhead.
  • Familiar React API & Patterns: ES6 Class and Functional Components.
  • Extensive compatibility via a simple preact/compat alias.
  • Support for CSS Modules, LESS, Sass, Stylus; with Autoprefixer.
  • A highly optimized diff algorithm and seamless Server-Side Rendering
  • In just 4.5kb you get a productive environment (with preact, preact-router & 1.5kb of conditionally-loaded polyfills for fetch & Promise).


The easiest way to get started with PReact is to install PReact CLI. This simple command-line tool wraps up the best possible Webpack and Babel set-up for you and even keeps you up-to-date as anything changes.

npm install -g preact-cli

Create a new project

Create a project to quick start development.

preact create <template-name> <project-name>

Use any of the official templates to get started with PReact:

  • Default: Default templates with all features.
  • Simple: Simple template with “Hello World” application.
  • Material: Template comes pre-configured with preact-material-components with a small example.
  • Netlify CMS: Blog template with a simple and elegant PReact-powered blog that you can edit using Netlify CMS.
  • Typescript: Default template implementation in TypeScript.
  • Widget: Template comes with a widget to be embedded on another website.

Production Build

npm run build

For more details visit PReact Docs

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