A Reactive Platform to monitor Reactive Application

A big question to ask

Is your monitoring pipeline reactive enough to monitor a reactive platform?

With years of experience in Reactive stack; Knoldus compiles all its learning into a Premonition based Reactive Monitoring and Alerting Platform.

The fabrication of such a tool was based on three driving forces:

Features of PreMonR

Centralized insights of your distributed platform

Real-time monitoring and premonition based

Based on a reactive monitoring pipeline

Customize as per your

One Subscription all

Highly available monitoring platform

Prebuilt fleet of dashboards and alerting rules as per the project stack

Specialized for distributed environments like Kubernetes and DCOS

PreMonR Architecture

Business Benefits

Automatically discover, configure and customize all relevant metrics

Centralized monitoring and alerting tool for cluster health, log analysis

Visualize the health and topology of their distributed applications in real-time

High availability, persistence of Dashboards and alert rules

Detects the troubleshoot problems and helps in optimizing uptime and lowering MTTR.

Clean and convenient setup procedure

Optimized thresholds ensuring real time alerting

Easily adaptable / customizable solution based on BELK

Supported Technologies