Pure and Impure Functions in Javascript

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Hello readers! In this blog, we will be going through the concept of pure and impure functions in javascript and their advantages. So let’s dive into it.

Pure Functions

Pure functions are those functions that do not create any side effects. In simpler terms, you will not be changing any external code in a pure function and the output for that function will always be the same for the same input. 

To get a better understanding of it, let us see an example:

function add(num1, num2) {
	return num1 + num2;

This is a simple add function that will make the sum of two numbers. So we can see that this function is not changing any external code and the output for this function is predictable.

Advantages of Pure Functions

  • Pure functions are independent as they do not change any external state.
  • They are easier to read and debug.
  • You can clone an external state into a pure function.

Here are some examples of side effects that a function should not include in order to be a Pure Function:

  • Making an HTTP call
  • Using Math.random()
  • Mutating data
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Printing console statements (console is an external API, not a Javascript method)

Impure Functions

Impure functions are those functions that will create some side effects. An impure function will change some code outside of its scope. Let us see this example:

function add(num1) {
	return num1 + Math.random();

Now the output of this function is not predictable so this will be considered an impure function.

To understand side effects, check this example:

let sum = 0;
function add(num1, num2) {
	let result =  num1 + num2;
	sum = result;
	return result;

In this case, we have assigned the value of the result to the sum which is outside the function scope. So this function is having a side effect.


So now we understand what is pure and impure functions in Javascript and as a best practice, we should always try to use pure functions as they will not create any side effects. To learn more about other function concepts in Javascript follow this link.

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