Quick overview to GIT branch and merge

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Hi Readers, In this blog we will be looking about few important GIT commands that becomes very handy in our day to day development routine.

These commands are very useful when you want to contribute to some one’s or you own repository by applying your ideas into the code base.

Let’s discuss few git commands

Cloning a repository

git clone <repo-url>

Create and switch to new branch

git checkout -b <branch-name>

Create new file to branch ‘feature/demo’

vi index.html

Stage the newly created file

git add index.html

Commit the staged file

git commit -a -m ‘<message>’

Check status of scm

git status

Push changes to scm

git push –set-upstream origin feature/demo

Switch to main branch and Merge with main branch

git checkout main then git merge feature/demo

Push changes to main branch

git push

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