Re-evaluating Data Strategies to Respond in Real-Time

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Whether it is a click on an ad, a card swipe, or an IoT sensor detecting an anomaly, real-time events are everywhere. Organizations need to react to such events in-the-moment as customers demand action within a span of a few minutes or even seconds. Legacy data strategies like Big Data and batch processing are no longer enough to meet modern data requirements.

Fast Data is empowering organizations to respond in real-time. About 75% of organizations are already using it for at least some of their applications.

Forrester Research

The same study concludes that when it comes to growing profitability, better revenues and increased customer satisfaction, current data strategies are not fully supporting these needs. While speed has become extremely critical for managing data arriving from multiple sources, the existing fast data technology is not supporting enterprises to the extent that they should.

Are you ready to revamp your data strategies and gain the competitive advantage of timeliness?

Here are a few resources which helps you to revamp your data strategies:

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Thinking of moving towards Fast Data?
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