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In today’s world that is continuously expanding and adopting new technologies every day, automation has also improved its ways in making our day to day work easier via ROBOT PROCESS AUTOMATION

Sounds interesting ?

You are wondering that automation has already helped us in many ways but now what’s this improved version of automation named as Robot Process Automation? So let’s dig into this and understand this buzz word deeply…….

What is Robot Process Automation?

The process of automating day to day operation with the help of bots to reduce human interference is said to be Robot Process Automation(RPA).

Now let’s understand this term one by one,

  1. ROBOT- A computer program that works automatically and mimics human actions.
  2. PROCESS- A series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular and meaningful end.
  3. AUTOMATION- The use of machines and technology to make processes run on their own without manpower.

To cut a long story short, RPA is a process of deploying bots mimicking human actions to perform some specific tasks without any requirement of any coding skills, on their own and reducing human efforts. Now this leads to another question that

How RPA works?

Are the actual robots are deployed to replace humans?

Actually, there’s no role of actual or physical robots under RPA. Instead, there are numerous software available in the market that let you configure virtual robots to automate your business operations.

Now let’s get to know about various RPA tools available in the market. I’ve listed down some of them based on their market coverage below:

  1. Automation Anywhere
  2. Blue Prism
  3. UI Path
  4. WorkFusion
  5. Softomotive

Applications of  RPA

RPA is nothing but deploying virtual bots to mimic human actions, hence we can apply RPA almost anywhere.
We can use it to automate a repetitive task in any HRMS or we can use it for reading mails or maybe in automating banking and finance processes.

Since,most of the companies are switching to RPA as it provides, accurate, reliable, consistent outputs. Hence,there are high productivity rates.

Now there’s another term which coins “Hyper-Automation” which is nothing but integrating RPA with AI.
As we all know that AI is all about next world tech and by integrating AI with RPA, we can get maximum benefits out of the Tech but, this we’ll discuss in my upcoming blog.

Hence we can say that RPA is not just about Testing but we can achieve way far more than that and by using it in accounting, financial service, and human resource industries, the pressure on a man reduces and can harness his talents in a better way. So, RPA is a technology that will make your work easy, in a reliable manner.

So yeah that all for now. You can refer: for more information

We’ll definitely have a Tool specific discussion in my upcoming blogs! I hope you liked my blog and got to learn something new.