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In this blog , I am going to describe how to view sbt dependency tree.  Last week I had a problem related to different cross version of a dependency. I knew the problem cause but  I had spent a day to know which dependency had brought that cross version of dependency. I did some study and browsing about that problem then I come across a sbt plugins as a potential solution of that problem.
In a project there is a chance of using same library but different version by multiple dependencies.  I also victim of dependency version conflict.  The good way is just draw a sbt dependency tree. Here is a sbt-plugin sbt-dependency graph is available for that.

Following are the steps to install and use sbt-dependency-graph
a) add plugin to project/plugins.sbt

b) add sbt setting in build.sbt

if project is multi module then add to Parent.scala:

Now run sbt commond:

or provide lot of options.for more info sbt-dependency-graph

Enjoy with  sbt  projects !!!

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  1. If you’d like to get a graphical, searchable representation of the dependency tree (including all modules from your project, transitive dependencies and eviction information), check out UpdateImpact: (free service).

    _Disclaimer: I’m one of the developers of the site_

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