Scala 3 Survey: The Conclusion

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Scala 3 community build is here, and we are too excited about it. At Knoldus, we are actively exploring Scala 3, and we have been enjoying it a lot. Therefore, we thought why not to get a community perspective about the new and exciting features of Scala 3. We reached out to the community with a survey in December 2020, which we ran for a month, and got an overwhelming response. Read on to know the community perspective and also the winner of the Amazon Echo Show 8, which we had promised during the survey.

We got responses from more than 30 different countries. Respondents ranged from professional Scala developers with profound industry experience to hobbyists to students on their journey to learn Scala. Out of all respondents, 40% were back-end engineers and prominently working in FinTech. 

Moving on to analyze the answers to our questions.

The first question we asked was What do you like the most about Scala 2? The top response we got is Functional programming, which I agree to. There are other great things mentioned about Scala, as the Collection, Type Classes, and for some people, everything is awesome in Scala.

What do you like the most about Scala 2?

Next, we asked, What is your favorite Scala library? The top response here is ZIO. It is one of the emerging Scala libraries for asynchronous and concurrent programming. John A De Goes must be very proud. 

Another question which we asked in the survey was What Scala library causes you the most trouble? To my surprise, it is Akka. Maybe not as surprising for others. Slick is just a few steps behind Akka for being the troublemaker. Maybe Akka Typed is the solution.

Next, we asked What are the challenges that you have faced with Scala 2? People are facing many different challenges, but the topmost is IDE support.

What are the challenges that you have faced with Scala 2?

Now, let’s see what people think about Scala 3.

In total, 56.5% of responders tried Scala 3, and people are excited about Type System Improvements. Checkout Type System Improvements:

What excites you the most about Scala 3?

Knoldus has prepared rich resources to teach and educate about the new types introduced in Scala 3. Check out our blogs and videos on them.

Out of all respondents, almost 70% are willing to migrate to Scala 3.

And almost 75% would like to train their fellow developers in Scala 3

Knoldus prepares a playlist on Scala 3 explaining the new features of Scala 3, aka Dotty. Learn a lot about Scala 3 through these videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and receive notifications on the addition of insightful videos

For other questions please follow us on LinkedIn, we will start posting questions and responses in detail.

We are thrilled to announce the winner of the Scala 3 Survey and the winner is Andrew Polack. Congratulations Andrew for winning the giveaway – Amazon Echo Show 8

Thank you everyone for your enthusiastic participation in the survey.

Scala 3 is a game-changer in terms of compatibility in the Scala ecosystem that will greatly improve the day-to-day experience of the Scala programmers, starting from the migration. If you are looking to migrate to Scala 3/ Dotty and don’t know where to start, shoot us a message.

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