Scala Days 2015 Pulse – Sentiment Analysis of the Sessions

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As you might have read that the Pulse Application from Knoldus created a flutter at Scala Days 2015. In this post let us dig deeper into some findings. We are already getting some cool requests to open source the code which we would do soon. We would just like to strip out the dictionaries that we have used.
Screenshot from 2015-07-17 19:05:01We collected 5K+ tweets over the period of 2.5 days. These were tweets which were either done with the speaker handle or with the ScalaDays hashtags. Overall the conference was very positive sentiment wise. There were around 37% positive tweets detected and less than 4% negative sentiments detected.
Screenshot from 2015-07-17 19:08:39

Martin Odersky and Jonas Boner were had the largest number of tweets followed closely by Helena Edelson.

Screenshot from 2015-07-17 19:30:30

Roland Kuhn‘s excellent session on Actors vs Types got an undue amount of negative tweets just because people were not able attend his session. The room was packed to capacity and still many people wanted to get in. The conference organizers got into action quickly and announced another session for the wonderful speaker for all the people who could not attend.

Dean Wampler‘s Spark session was famous as expected. So were the sessions from Adam Gibson and Amanda Laucher.


You can get a complete view of the sessions with the tweets on The product would be up for another few weeks. If it is not available then the PDF snapshot of the analysis is attached at the bottom of the post. We would be making the tweet data available for further analysis and playing as a part of Zepplin board soon. Stay tuned.

PDF version of ScalaDays 2015 Analysis

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